Want to learn about the different eCW Departments? 

eClinicalWorks is a versatile healthcare information technology vendor that offers a wide range of products and services to our customers across the country.  eClinicalWorks has a TEAM-based structure within a relatively “flat” organization: this means there are very few layers of management between the executives and you!  Each team has a Team Lead who is responsible for providing general administrative and technical direction to the team, but eClinicalWorks does not subscribe to a strong hierarchy.  The executive team is highly visible and actively participates in company initiatives with every other team in the company.  Team members have the ability to work on projects that are outside of their normal job responsibilities and opportunities for personal and professional growth are always available.  The atmosphere at eCW is relaxed but at the same time is highly focused on delivering excellence in innovative technology, services, and support to every client every day.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers are the creative minds behind the continuous technology innovation that happens every day at eClinicalWorks. Four of the company’s five co-founders have engineering backgrounds. With this solid technology leadership, eClinicalWorks is - first and foremost - a technology company that offers a wide array of services that support the company’s robust product offerings. 

The Software Engineering Team is project based. Engineers are placed on project teams based on their interests and skill levels. Most of the project teams are product based (iOS, Web 2.0. eClinicalMobile, eClinicalMessenger, Patient Portal, etc.) while some are multi-disciplinary teams and work to advance the overall technology position of the company. Software Engineers are empowered to bring their creativity to work during every step of eCW’s agile development process. They begin by first understanding how the healthcare professional (and for some of our products, the patient), plans to use the software. They storyboard their concept, develop the code, and release the application to testing. Four teams (Performance, Functionality, Regression, and Release Management) test the application; if any area of the application does not work as designed or as expected, the Software Engineers re-evaluate the design and make modifications as needed to improve the application.

But software design doesn’t stop after the product is released. Software Engineering continues to be involved with the product, improving existing functionality and developing new features that will be included in version upgrades or released in service packs. The development innovation never ends at eClinicalWorks – we are continually improving our products and processes to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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  • iOS
  • Java, J2EE, JSP
  • SQL
  • Experience with Apache® Tomcat®
  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or IT-related field
  • Comfortable in an agile development atmosphere

Revenue Cycle Management

This position is responsible for efficient, accurate, and consultative approach in the first line of contact for all billing activates within a practice who is utilizing eClinicalWorks Practice Management software.

As a Revenue Cycle Manager, you are responsible for:

  • Coordinating all practice billing activities with provider office and eCW billing teams
  • Daily tracking of Flash Report, payment posting(unposted amounts), ERA  posting, billing queues, review claims, clearinghouse reports
  • Schedule and participate in Weekly QC Meetings
  • Schedule and participate in Billing Team Meetings
  • Establish and maintain a working relationship with provider offices, including weekly meetings
  • Create & forward various reports to provider offices (weekly and monthly)
  • Monitor eStatement submissions and bad address reports
  • Monitor claim exception reports
  • Monitor clearinghouse reports
  • Monitor ERA and Payment queues
  • Creation of Month-End Reporting and submission to provider practices
  • Research, document, and train billing teams on specific insurance mandates
  • Monitor Collections
  • Research and share billing information
  • Implementation Tasks: BKOC, Billing system set-up, Pre-Go Live and Post Go-Live Trainings

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  • Minimum 3-5 years medical billing experience
  • Knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, commercial paper and electronic claims processing is a must
  • Knowledge of ICD, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)*, HCPC coding, ability to read EOBs, ability to post payments and refunds is a must
  • Experience in eligibility verification, ERA, familiarity with HIPAA rules
  • Knowledge of billing workflow
  • CPC or any certification strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of eClinicalWorks is a plus 

Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service Specialists interact with customers on behalf of eClinicalWorks. They provide information about products and services and respond to customer questions and concerns.

Customer Service Specialists are trained to answer questions about the company and the products and resolve problems that are within their area of competency. Customer Service Specialists are trained on the company and its products and services. They also learn how to access the client’s account information and use this information to solve problems, how to open a Support Case for application software issues or bugs, and how to handle challenging clients, all while establishing and maintaining a positive relationship between the client and eCW.

The Customer Service Specialist has access to responses for the most commonly asked questions and to specific guidelines for dealing with customer requests or concerns. In the event that the representative is unable to solve a specific problem, a supervisor or other experienced co-worker is always available to help.

There is a variety of ways in which Customer Service Specialist interact with clients. Some answer incoming calls in the Call Center located at company headquarters in Westborough, MA. Others interact with customers face-to-face, by e-mail, or via Live Chat. The Customer Service Specialist is the “voice of eClinicalWorks” and must be poised and personable at all times.

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  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • Strong data entry skills
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced / high-volume environment, and work well under pressure
  • Ability to diffuse customers and create effective working relationships
  • Team player attitude and willingness to make active contributions to the team

Billing Implementation Specialists

The Practice Management module of eClinicalWorks is used to create medical claims that are submitted to insurance companies in order for the practice to be reimbursed for the service they provided to their patients. This area of the product is critical to managing the practices financial performance and requires special training and system setup. A Billing Implementation Specialist (BIS) is fully trained by eClinicalWorks to be an expert on the Practice Management portion of the eClinicalWorks software. 

Every client that purchases eClinicalWorks is assigned a Billing Implementation Specialist who works with the client to install the Practice Management software and configure the system settings appropriately for the needs of the practice. The BIS teaches the client how to fully utilize the billing and revenue management functionalities of the product to generate medical claims, reduce the incidence of claim rejections, and obtain the maximum payment for services rendered.

A BIS must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communications, show keen analytical skills, and be able to build and foster strong relationships with clients. They must be able to provide superior customer service to their clients. A BIS must be comfortable using technology and be able to explain it to others. They should also be able to organize and manage their time well, balancing multiple projects simultaneously.

*CPT only © 2010 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.

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  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • 3-5 years of medical billing experience
  • Working knowledge of EOB
  • ICD, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)* coding experience
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification, ERA, and HIPAA specialist

Client Relationship Manager - Technical

The Client Relationship Manager, also known as the Strategic Account Manager (SAM), is the “go-to” person for every client during the first 4-6 months of Go-Live on the eClinicalWorks EMR/PM system.  The SAM handles all of the day-to-day operational details to ensure that every customer has a smooth transition from their legacy or paper-based system to eClinicalWorks. The SAM is a relationship manager who facilitates communication between eCW and the customer, acting as a liaison between internal teams, dealing with customer issues, resolving problems, and coordinating the planning needed to provide clients with excellence in service and support once they have implemented the system. 

eCW expects its Strategic Account Managers to possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills; to be able to analyze a customer situation and coordinate complex and interdependent activities; to be able to work both independently and as part of a team; to project a professional demeanor and telephone presence; and to be customer-centric. 

SAMs work with a diverse set of clients that include but are not limited to nurses, physicians, medical billers, IT Managers, medical office managers, and C-suite level management. The SAMs may also be responsible for managing legal and contractual documents, ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled, and client expectations are met.

SAMs interact on a daily basis with all teams within eClinicalWorks and are in constant communication with their clients. SAMs are in the unique position of building long-term relationships with their clients and with their fellow employees. They work toward establishing themselves as a trusted partner with key stakeholders within the client team and the eCW team.

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  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Bio-Medical or MIS is highly preferred
  • Strong multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, often stressful and high-volume work environment

Proposal Writer

Proposal Writers develop a comprehensive written proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from prospective clients. The effective Proposal Writer knows how to manage their time and company resources to deliver a proposal that adheres firmly to the requirements as stated in the RFP and presents eClinicalWorks in a positive light. 

The Proposal Writer works closely with many other departments within the company in order to obtain the most current information about the product. They must be able to develop strong working relationships with members of all teams throughout the company and be able to quickly gather and assimilate industry and product knowledge to deliver a meaningful and accurate proposal response.

Proposal Writers work in a high-pressure, high-output environment. They must be able to handle a deadline-driven environment requiring close attention to detail and accuracy, and must be able to work independently and as part of a team. The successful Proposal Writer will be able to understand the technical details of the eClinicalWorks product, the company culture, and the healthcare industry, bringing all of these elements together to form a compelling proposal that will educate and inform the customer and ultimately result in a product demonstration and sale.

Prerequisites for this position include a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Business Communications, Journalism, or Marketing. Strong oral and written communication skills, with a demonstrated grasp of English language writing conventions (grammar, spelling, syntax) are a must. Proposal Writers are expected to have strong organizational skills, and a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook®, Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®).

Additional requirements include having two to four years of writing and editing experience. A strong candidate will be able to demonstrate their ability to translate complicated ideas into text that is easily understood by a diverse audience. They must be able to handle and use constructive feedback to make needed changes to documents and proposals.

Proposal Writers must be faster than a speeding bullet, be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and be emotionally stronger than a locomotive.

Spotlight Bio
  • Must be creative
  • Excellent editing and proofreading skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment while adhering to strict deadlines and producing quality work

Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinators are an extension of the eClinicalWorks Field Sales Force. The Sales Coordinator is responsible for supporting Field Sales Representatives throughout every phase of the sale, from initial contact to final contract signing. The Sales Coordinator handles all sales-related details before, during, and after the sale. A key part of the Sales Coordinator’s job is working with the Sales Rep, executive management, and the client to develop a contract that meets the clients’ needs while protecting the interests of eClinicalWorks. 

Sales Coordinators must possess a high level of computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook®, Word®, and Excel®) and have the ability to multi-task. The Sales Coordinator role is client-facing, therefore excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills are necessities.

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  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Knowledge of advertising and sales promotion techniques
  • Strong ability to foster meaningful business relationships
  • Excellent telephone etiquette

eCW Software Training Specialist

eCW Software Training Specialists are “Road Warriors.” This is not just a job - this is a lifestyle.  After eight weeks of comprehensive product training, Training Specialists are on the road from Sunday through Friday of every week, traveling 100% of the time.

Training Specialists travel all over the United States and have the opportunity to meet the finest healthcare professionals in the country. Some our current clients include the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Advocate Physician Partners in Illinois, Lifespan in Rhode Island, BayCare in Florida, and the San Francisco Department of Health. eClinicalWorks is growing rapidly, so if you like to travel, this is the opportunity for you.

eCW trainers require endurance and stamina, as well as enthusiasm and deep product knowledge.  Typically, a trainer will leave around noon on a Sunday, arrive in the client’s city on Sunday night, and begin training Monday through Thursday, teaching clients how to use the eClinicalWorks software.  Friday is the Go-Live day when the trainer works with the clients on their first day of using the eClinicalWorks system in a live production environment. At the end of the day, the trainer heads to the airport and arrives back at their home location. 

Successful trainers enjoy the opportunity to explore different parts of the country, meet new and interesting people, solve an ever-changing array of challenges, and provide customers with a “best-in-class” training experience.

Trainers are brought in “off the road” periodically for internal training meetings. After approximately 12-18 months of excellent performance in the field, they are eligible to apply for internal job postings if they want to retire their “Road Warrior” status. Internal jobs include Clinical Business Analysts, Client Relationship Managers – Technical, Implementation Specialists, Interface Project Managers, Project Managers, and more.

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  • Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Professional presentation at all times
  • Ability to function well in high-stress situations
  • Ability to think on your feet
  • Willing to travel 100%, occasionally for extended periods of time

Technical Support Engineer (Technical Account Manager)

Technical Account Managers are responsible for providing technical support to our clients via telephone and/or remotely via the Web. They are responsible for addressing the technical needs of our clients, regardless of the size of the client or the issue. A Technical Account Manager must have detailed knowledge of networks, databases, Web application servers, some software scripting, and strong communication skills. The eClinicalWorks EMR/PM application is “Mission Critical” to every one of our 9,000+ clients. Technical Account Managers are responsible for keeping our clients up and running, often under stressful conditions and with tight time constraints.

Technical Account Managers must have a technical background (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, and/or Software Engineering), be able to multi-task, have excellent communication skills, and bring their passion for solving problems and customer service to work every day.

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  • Java
  • Internet Protocol HTTP / HTTPS
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities
  • Excellent customer service orientation
  • XML / XLS
  • Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Understanding N-Tier Architecture
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Data Migration Specialist

Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data migration is usually performed programmatically by the eClinicalWorks Data Migration team to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. It is required when practices, groups, or enterprise networks convert from a legacy or paper-based EMR/PM system to eClinicalWorks.

To achieve an effective data migration, data on the old system is mapped to eClinicalWorks, providing a design for data extraction and data loading. The design relates old data formats to eCW’s formats and requirements. Programmatic data migration may involve many phases but it minimally includes data extraction, where data is read from the old system, and data loading, where data is written to the new system.

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  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Experience in Database and SQL is a must
  • Knowledge of Visual Basics® 6.0
  • Knowledge of Java™ is a plus
  • Experience with MYSQL™ is a must