As our country slowly crawls out of one of the worst financial crisis in recent history, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as the total number of jobs in the US is expected to grow by 20.5 million before 2020. One of the more active industries in improving the economy is healthcare, with it contributing 5.7 million of those jobs or one in four new jobs.

For years, the focus in healthcare has been on the hospital inpatient side. Maybe it’s partly because of TV shows like ER, but regardless, it is impressive to note that the ambulatory care sector will grow almost twice as fast as the hospital inpatient sector, with a 35.8% growth in jobs by 2020 compared to 18.7%.

Regarding patient visits, there were 1.2 billion per year in ambulatory care, versus 36 million for inpatient. These figures mean there are 33 times more ambulatory care patient visits than hospital and inpatient patient visits per year.

Not only are patient visits increasing for ambulatory, but also the number of doctors practicing. Let’s explore further into the comparison between ambulatory and hospital inpatient. The number of doctors in ambulatory care will grow by 126,600, a 32% growth rate. For hospital inpatient, there will only be a 16,900 increase in doctors, a 12.6% growth rate.

Since inception in 1999, eClinicalWorks has understood and correctly forecasted that the future of the medical industry was rapidly evolving. Consequently, eClinicalWorks has remained focused on the ambulatory market, becoming a market leader — so much so that one out of every five Americans has a patient file in eClinicalWorks technology. There are 210 million patient visits a year on eClinicalWorks alone, which is 5.8 times more than the number of hospital inpatient visits.

The below Infographic illustrates this further.

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