Grove Medical Associates, PC

Case Study in Continuous Quality Improvement

. . . eClinicalWorks stood out - eCW didn’t just present what they were at the time, but where, as a company, they were headed. We wanted a company that would be growing. We all believed that eClinicalWorks was the right choice. Once we saw it, it wasn’t really much of a decision for us."

The Organization:

  • Privately owned internal medicine practice
  • Five physicians, one location
  • 10,250 active patients


In 2004, Grove Medical Associates realized the promise and potential of electronic medical records. Its overarching clinical goals were, and continue to be, the delivery of high quality patient care and improved patient safety.

Additional objectives for the EMR/PM system were:
  • Closed loop system for tracking of orders and results
  • The ability to monitor patient compliance
  • Ability to participate in Pay-for-Performance Initiatives
  • Increased patient satisfaction and improved outcomes
  • Increased efficiency and job satisfaction of the providers and staff


Grove Medical selected eClinicalWorks comprehensive EMR/PM solution for better patient care.
  • Tracking of quality measures and patient progress toward goals
  • Streamlined communication between providers and staff members
  • Increased patient engagement using the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal
  • Interfaces to external systems provides a closed-loop system
  • Electronic claims and ERA improved the practice’s bottom line


Clinical and Administrative Improvements:
  • Patient experience with telephone encounters improved with eCW—a complete medical summary is available; no more searching for paper charts while the patient is on hold
  • Fast receipt of test results and ease of locating the results means improved communication with the patient
  • Legible, thorough, and accurate progress notes
  • 98% clean claim submission to clearinghouse; increased revenue due to accurate coding and level of service billing
  • Participation in several projects for quality measure reporting reveals improved patient outcomes
  • Ability to see an average of 30% more patients per provider

About Grove Medical Associates, PC

Grove Medical Associates, PC is a privately owned internal medicine practice serving Worcester County, in central Massachusetts. Grove Medical employs three Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians, a Board Certified Endocrinologist/IM physician, an Internal Medicine physician, a physician’s assistant, a certified diabetic instructor, an ultrasound technician and a staff of 17 that includes registered nurses, medical assistants and an administrative support staff.

About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks develops and implements health IT, including EMR/PM software, patient portals and community health records for customers of all sizes and specialties.

For more information about eClinicalWorks, please visit our About Us page.

 Practice Info

Grove Medical Assoc.

Size: Five Physicians
Location: Auburn, MA
Specialty: Internal Med.
Active Patients: 10,000+



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We are always looking for ways to grow and change. eClinicalWorks allows us to be forward thinkers and find areas where we can advance our care.

Dr. David Weinstock
Partner, Grove Medical Assoc.