Internal Medicine Specialists

Improving Treatment and Quality of Service

eClinicalWorks award-winning solution was chosen because as technology is advancing into the future, we wanted our EHR to grow and advance as well. We felt that eClinicalWorks provided the best opportunity to accomplish our goals."  -- Dr. Steven Brint

The Organization:

  • Type of Organization: Internal Medicine
  • Providers: 11 Providers
  • Locations: 8 Locations
  • Active Patients: 8,000
  • Specialty: Gastroenterology


IMS, an ever expanding Gastroenterology practice, quickly realized its current paper-based PM system was too expensive and lacked the expected advanced functionality, resulting in a continued use of paper. IMS looked to switch and implement a comprehensive EHR solution that was affordable and would replace the need for transcription.

Additional objectives for the EMR/PM system were:

  • Reduce paper
  • Increase control over patient files
  • Improve patient tracking
  • Manage labs, prescriptions and notes more efficiently


eClinicalWorks’ comprehensive EHR solution, with unified practice management, met the needs of IMS. It provides the functionality needed to eliminate transcription and streamline front and back-office workflows.

  • Comprehensive system (supports scheduling, billing, and the internal medical record)
  • Affordability
  • Being recommended by physicians in the community, as well as around the country


After installing eClinicalWorks in a rapid adoption, Internal Medicine Specialists now has the ability to:

  • Handle scheduling easier
  • Billing is smoother
  • The need for paper and transcription services was eliminated - saving the practice over $100,000 a year. Using the system allowed all GI doctors to attest to Meaningful Use by the end of 2011!

Internal Medicine Specialists

Internal Medicine Specialists (IMS), an 11 provider practice, located in eight locations throughout Central Florida, provides services in Gastroenterology. Its goal is to provide care the way it once was, not as a number, but as a patient, a person, who needs help, information, and the best options laid before them.

About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks develops and implements health IT, including EMR/PM software, patient portals and community health records for customers of all sizes and specialties.

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     Practice Info

    Type of Org.: Internal Med.
    Providers: 11 Providers
    Location: 8 Locations (FL)
    Specialty: Gastroenterology
    Active Patients: 21,900+



    Want to learn how Internal Medicine Specialists saved money by implementing  eClinicalWorks? Download the detailed case study and read this success story.

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    Scheduling is becoming very smooth; anyone can schedule no matter where they are. Billing has become much smoother; over the first few years our billing revenue increased. eClinicalWorks made things easier for the nurses, who don’t have to go around the office looking for charts. We got rid of all our chart racks. We are able to use that space for operators to sit.

    Dr. Avanish Aggarwal
    Internal Medicine Specialists