eClinicalWorks unified EMR/PM system is designed to cater to any specialty making quality medical care and transportability of patient health records a reality, by maximizing functionality, comprehensively streamline between practices, and provide access to real-time information to enhance overall care.

eClinicalWorks EMR/PM system has a proven track record in delivering the ideal solution for ophthalmology/optometry professionals.

Specialists using eClinicalWorks take advantage of these features:

  • Vision exam

  • Referrals – manage incoming and outgoing referrals. Referrals can be linked with the appointment and track number of visits.
  • Templates – can be created for common visit types to ease documentation such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Astigmatism, Corrective Lenses and other common diseases that affect vision.

  • Order sets – treatment templates containing Rx, Labs, DI, Procedures, Patient education and Web references and follow up appoinments.
  • Operative notes