Regional Extension Center

eClinicalWorks is focused on partnering with Regional Extension Centers (RECs) as a joint effort in creating EHR success for physician practices. Our mission is to have every physician office using the eClinicalWorks EHR solution in a meaningful manner. Through collaborations with RECs and physician practices we support the goals of the HITECH act for Meaningful Use in the creation of an environment that focuses on improved quality of care for patients.

eClinicalWorks is working closely with all of the awarded RECs to foster a relationship and create a process of working together that is a supportive and efficient experience for physician practices. We will provide opportunities to the Regional Extension Centers to build an exhaustive knowledge of eClinicalWorks, so that they can provide:

  • Informed information to providers seeking an EHR solution;
  • Implementation advice and preparation based on eClinicalWorks project management methodologies;
  • Workflow models based on the functionalities of eClinicalWorks and the 1000’s of provider and practice workflows that we have observed using eClinicalWorks solutions in a meaningful way;
  • Best practices for implementing interfaces to support the continuity of patient care; and
  • Providing details for backing-up and securing the eClinicalWorks application for the protection of patient privacy.

The relationship and knowledge we will provide to Regional Extension Centers will extend to a team of eClinicalWorks professionals whose sole mission is to create a positive experience for both the Regional Extension Center and the physician practice.

Through our experience in implementing the eClinicalWorks EHR solution in all 50 states, we are in a strong position to work hand-in-hand with the Regional Extension Centers to drive forward the mission of physicians adopting EHR systems and using them in a meaningful way to improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Meaningful Use

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