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eCW leverages iPad technology to give you the look, feel, and functionality you’ve come to expect from eClinicalWorks with the ease of use found in a native iPad environment.  eCW’s iPad app combines the most-used features of the eClinicalWorks EMR with intuitive navigation and cloud-based access from anywhere, making eClinicalTouch the first choice in portable EMR solutions!

eClinicalTouch provides robust data capture and functionality and because eClinicalWorks is a unified solution, the information automatically forms the basis of the claim in the Practice Management “side” of eCW, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. eClinicalTouch* is accessed through a simple download from the Apple® App StoreSM± and includes the following features:


View Office Screen

See those patients that have checked in at the front desk and who are now in the mid-office – their status, room location, and minutes waiting.


Stay on top of your “To Do” List using the Actions feature.  Create, update, and conclude actions to self and others in the practice with this useful feature.

Telephone Encounters

View and act on existing Telephone/Web Encounters. Functionality includes the ability to document the telephone call, view the history of a patient’s Telephone Encounters, view medication history, view historical lab and imaging studies, and re-assign the Tel Encounter to another provider or staff member.

The Encounter (Progress Note)

Document all aspects of the physical encounter, from Patient History to Chief Complaint, HPI, ROS, assessment, treatment through to final disposition, follow-up and billing.

Internal Messaging System

Stay connected to the practice with the full functionality of the secure internal messaging system.  Send messages securely to staff members and providers in the practice with varying levels of urgency. Messages can be sent to one, several, or all staff members/providers, and macros of commonly sent messages can be used to save time when communicating.

Review Labs, Imaging, and Procedure Results

Review labs, imaging, and procedure results on the iPad. Review test results that have been received or are still open. Resulted tests can be re-assigned to another provider or staff member and can be marked as reviewed. Details on the specific test can be obtained within the patient chart for further review as needed.

Refill Prescriptions

As one of the most used features of the EMR, Refill Prescriptions is a separate, easy-to-access function on the iPad.

Technology, Security, and Support

• Optimized for access in a cloud environment
• Provides a native iPad user experience
• Leverages native iPad security features as well as the many security features of eClinicalWorks
• eCW support offers troubleshooting assistance



*Activation is required through eClinicalWorks Product Hub from within the EHR system. Additional charges may apply.
±Apple® , iPad™, and App StoreSM are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.