Revenue Cycle Management... Perfected.

“We chose to have eClinicalWorks handle our billing for the benefits of having everything tightly integrated and the price point was very attractive. eClinicalWorks is easy to use, we can generate financial along with clinical reports and it has saved us a lot of time. It is great to have one system for both the clinical and financial aspects of our practice.”

- Dr. E. Wynn Kallay, Southeast Georgia Pediatrics, LLC. 


eClinicalWorks changed the game in the EMR industry and now we’re doing it again in the billing industry with Revenue Cycle Management.

By leveraging technology and efficient processes and workflows, eClinicalWorks is redefining the status quo of the medical billing industry by offering billing services at 2.9% of monthly collected revenue - compared to some external billing services charging from 5% to as much as 12% off your bottom line. In-office billing can be a burden on some practices, straining time, money and resources. eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services provides an alternative by allowing our staff of expert billers to handle back-office operations directly through the eClinicalWorks application, securely and accurately. Dashboards provide authorized users with transparency into the process and visibility into your practice’s financial performance in real time.

eClinicalWorks has sent over one million claims each day for the past four years, with an improved first-pass acceptance rate of 98% and higher. Last year alone, over $27 billion worth of claims were processed using the eCW Rules Engine. Experience with state-specific billing rules, along with four years of billing service analysis and business review, and many RCM pilot customers have enabled us to redefine the game from 5.4% down to the lowest billing rate in the industry at just 2.9%. That’s a fraction of the fees charged by other service companies.

The RCM Dashboard allows you to navigate through payment details, view the collection management module, and access refund summaries all from one convenient area within the eCW EHR.

The RCM Console provides you with the ability to filter claims which enhances visibility into your practice.

Why eClinicalWorks RCM?

  • Validate us: Robust report tools and dynamic dashboards
  • Collection of 2.9% after you get paid
  • Your money is your money (checks come to you)
Integrated Cloud-based solution
  • 99.9% uptime, Disaster Recovery solution, easy access, etc.
  • Cost and efficiency
Quick Accounts Receivable
  • 98% first-pass acceptance – industry is between 70-90%
  • Real-time claim adjudication
  • Built-in claim automation
  • CodeCorrect
  • Six levels of clearinghouse integration
  • Centralized work queue
National Rule Engine
  • Process claims based on defined filter criteria and rules
  • eClinicalWorks Rules Engine
  • CodeCorrect Rules, Clearinghouse, and Insurance
eClinicalWorks Billing Experts for maximum payment
  • Payer & State Incentive
  • Healthcare business analytics predictive financial analytics
  • Reimbursement evaluation
  • RCM canned reports package

RCM Services and Highlights

  • Communication to practice via RCM Console (new)
  • eClinicalWorks Lock Box solution (new)
  • RCM Dashboard within eClinicalWorks (new)
  • Real time patient insurance eligibility Processing of primary, secondary, and tertiary claims
  • Claim review and scrubbing
  • Updating DB rules
  • Claim follow-up through payer acceptance
  • Denial and underpayment management
  • Appeals at all levels
  • All payments and adjustments done directly within eClinicalWorks
  • Out of office billing encounters (nursing home visits and hospital visits)
  • Insurance/Patient payments go back directly to the practice
  • Create self-pay e-statements and submit to mailing service
  • Manage worker’s compensation and other liability claims including auto PIP claims
  • Manage the preparatory steps necessary to send accounts to collections
  • Daily/monthly/YTD financial statements – RCM reports