Health Centers

eClinicalWorks is proud to be the vendor of choice for more than 450 Federally Qualified Health Centers/Community Health Centers (FQHC/CHCs) throughout the country as they deliver quality healthcare to medically underserved and low income populations. The company has worked closely with customers to make enhancements in features that are unique to this group.

eClinicalWorks’ health center clients have won the prestigious HIMSS Davies Award, which honors excellence in EMR implementations, for six consecutive years.  As a new award category in 2008, the HIMSS Davies Community Health Award recognizes care being provided through an open-door policy, predominantly to underserved populations.

To date, ten eClinicalWorks customers have been recipients of this award. At the eCW 2011 and 2012 National Users Conference, eClinicalWorks took the opportunity to congratulate our Davies Award winners to date.

Below is a video from our 2011 National Users Conference in Arizona. 

Crusader Health Center is one of the largest FQHCs in Illinois, providing healthcare to more than 42,000 people annually through its four locations in the Rockford area. In addition to eClinicalWorks EMR/PM, Crusader is also using eBO, which uses meta-data to give the practice more flexibility through the creation of customized reports and by performing clinical and financial analysis..

Crusader is the only FQHC serving Northwest Illinois and it sees nearly 600 new patients per month,” said Gordon Eggers, CEO of Crusader Community Health. “We needed a unified system that would help us streamline operations between locations, while offering excellent and affordable care to our patients. We selected eClinicalWorks for its unique abilities to provide proactive analysis of key financial and clinical performance indicators, and its commitment to the requirements of FQHCs. eClinicalWorks is an extremely dynamic, financially secure and growing company that is committed to serving our needs.”

D.C. Primary Care Association (DCPCA) is a nonprofit health action and advocacy organization founded in 1996 to improve health care and health coverage for the District’s low-income residents. eClinicalWorks EMR/PM was chosen to automate six Community Health Centers (CHCs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) within the DCPCA-led Medical Homes D.C. initiative.

Medical Homes D.C. is about creating community health centers where a patient can go for routine primary medical care where doctors and staff know them and their health history,” said Sharon Baskerville, executive director for D.C. Primary Care Association. “Cost-effective systems like EMRs allow for better data tracking and following of patients who visit a variety of health center sites, giving providers access to truly comprehensive health records and ultimately improving the quality of primary and preventive care – the true goal of any medical home. eClinicalWorks EMR/PM was specifically selected because of its success in bringing these types of systems to community health centers.”

HealthNet is the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Indiana, with more than 110 providers and resident physicians in eight locations. eClinicalWorks EMR/PM will allow HealthNet to streamline processes between practice locations and promote patient safety while reducing costs. HealthNet has also chosen to implement eBO, which uses meta-data to give the practice more flexibility through the creation of customized reports, and eClinicalMessenger, a messaging service that utilizes Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP).

HealthNet is the largest FQHC in Indiana, serving thousands of families who live below the federal poverty level,” said Dr. Donald Trainor, Chief Medical Officer of HealthNet. “After a two and a half year selection process, we selected eClincalWorks because of its unified system as well as the intuitive nature of the product and its broad reporting capabilities. Using eClinicalWorks will also better position us to participate in the Indiana Health Information Exchange.”

Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc. , of New York received the 2010 HIMSS Community Health Organization Davies Award of Excellence . The Davies Awards recognize excellence in the implementation and value from health information technology, specifically EHRs.

We are proud of our partnership with eClinicalworks," said Lindsay Farrell, president & CEO of Open Door.  "It has allowed us to advance our quality and population health goals in such a substantial way.  As a result, we are able to deliver real value to our communities.”

Redwood Community Health Coalition , the largest network of non-profit community health centers in California that is jointly procuring electronic medical records, has purchased licenses of eClinicalWorks EMR/PM solution, along with Patient Portal and eEHX for ten community health centers operating 18 sites of care.

With our emphasis on using data to improve the quality of care, RCHC health centers have laid a strong foundation for this major change in our operations,” noted Nancy Oswald, executive director. “Implementing an electronic health exchange in conjunction with an EMR/PM system will create the coordination necessary to truly understand the needs of the population. RCHC chose eClinicalWorks for its superior provider-friendly usability and its ease in interfacing with our hospital systems and other parts of the healthcare system, now and as the project grows.”

Unity Health Care , the largest CHC network in the District of Columbia, has purchased licenses of eClinicalWorks EMR/PM for more than 100 providers to streamline practice operations between 31 locations.

Unity’s patients typically include the underserved, homeless, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated so obtaining up-to-date medical documentation is challenging,” said Vincent A. Keane, CEO/president. “After an exhaustive review of EMR/PM systems, we chose eClinicalWorks for the versatile and user-friendly nature of its solution. eClinicalWorks and Unity are also working closely with our staff to ensure they receive the training required to meet their various skill levels.”

Urban Health Plan Inc. is a 70+ provider Community Health Center (CHC) committed to improving the health status of the underserved communities in South Bronx, NY. Urban Health Plan has been working in the South Bronx for more than 30 years and is comprised of three main clinics, five school-based clinics, two shelters and a nursing home. A wide range of services are offered for patients of all age, including primary care, asthma relief, physical therapy and pre-natal care.  Urban Health Plan has distinguished itself nationally as a leader in managing chronic illness, using the tools provided by eClinicalWorks to provide comprehensive care to its patients.  Urban Health Plan was awarded the 2009 Community Health Davies Award.

As a Community Health Center, our federal funding is reliant on the reports we submit and the quality of that data. eClinicalWorks understands this and has worked closely with us to make sure our EMR has all of the reporting and data collection capabilities we need to ensure there are no interruptions in the services we are able to provide,” said Alison Connelly-Flores, RPA-C, EHR project manager for Urban Health Plan, winner of 2009 HIMSS Davies Award, Community Health Organizations category. This award honors excellence in implementing EHRs.

William F. Ryan Community Health Network of New York City has chosen eClinicalWorks EMR/PM system along with eBO’s enhanced reporting capabilities for its more than 250 physicians and residents in 16 locations. These sites include three main health centers, schools, homeless shelters and mobile vans.

Building on the belief that healthcare is a right and not a privilege, William F. Ryan searched for an electronic health records system that could help our practitioners improve care in the community,” said Barbra E. Minch, president and CEO of William F. Ryan Community Health Network. “We selected eClinicalWorks because of the user-friendly nature of the product, its  reporting capabilities, and its ability to coordinate care across not only multiple locations, but also various types of settings.”