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Document Management & Scanning

ChartCapture puts the complete patient history at your fingertips with the speed and simplicity of viewing your paper charts from any computer or device.

See why it's the #1 choice of physicians transitioning to EMR.

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DataFile Technologies and eClinicalWorks have partnered to bring you an exceptional security risk assessment service for your practice. Take the burden off your staff and offload it to a team of experts that will get the job done right. DataFile’s comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment of your IT infrastructure and operational environment provides your practice with the highest level of confidence and satisfaction you’ll need to check Stage 1 Meaningful Use Measure 15 off your list.

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Aculab provides world class IP and media processing boards and software to the global communications market. We are an innovative, market leading company that places product quality and support right at the top of our agenda. With many years of experience in helping to drive our customers' success, our enabling technology provides the essential components required to deliver multimodal voice, data, fax and video solutions for use within IP, PSTN and mobile networks - with performance levels that are second to none.

Mainpine. Inc. manufactures the IQ Express line of fax boards. The smallest intelligent fax boards on the market are available in 1, 2, 4 and 8-line versions. Mainpine products have been available since 1997 and have earned a reputation for speed, performance, reliability and value.

High Availability - Fault Tolerance

Stratus Technologies provides uptime solutions, including servers, software and services, to eClinicalWorks customers of all sizes. Stratus keeps eClinicalWorks up and running with the highest uptime assurance in the industry, using resilient technologies combined with proactive availability management and monitoring. With every Stratus solution, you benefit from superior uptime, no data loss, reduced IT complexity, and lower support costs.  Find out more or request a quote at

Load Balancers
Array Networks

Array Networks is a leading manufacturer of Application Load Balancing and SSL VPN remote access solutions. As a leader, it is our continuing goal to help customers deploy the highest performing and most secure networks possible. More than 3,500 customers worldwide – including enterprises, service providers, government and vertical organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance and education. Industry leaders including Gartner, Deloitte, Red Herring, and Frost and Sullivan have recognized Array as a market and technology leader.

Mixed Offerings

Better information is the key to better patient care and outcomes

Better health care begins with better information. That’s why Dell Health Care and Life Sciences teams are focused on developing solutions that improve secure access to information, which, in turn, improves the quality and delivery of health care and reduces costs. From data center technologies to handheld devices, our health care solutions are designed to integrate information securely and seamlessly, saving physician and patient time and supporting health care organizations as they treat illness and manage health.


Fujitsu America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, offering a complete portfolio of business technology services, computing platforms, and industry solutions. Fujitsu America understands that power comes from information and your ability to optimize and manage it.

For more than 17 years, Fujitsu has provided medical organizations with healthcare-specific devices and solutions. Fujitsu provides a flexible line of use-appropriate devices that meet the real-world needs of doctors, nurses, administrators and other healthcare professionals. These devices are designed to help improve patient care by facilitating superior point-of-care services through wireless mobility. High-quality Fujitsu products also help to lower healthcare costs by reducing maintenance needs, lowering initial costs and significantly improving worker productivity.

Dependable health care document transformation!  Kodak delivers scalable, powerful and reliable document scanning solutions streamlining the transition from paper to digital.  Kodak is committed to quality, improving patient care and achieving information delivery goals.  That is why Kodak offers solutions with exceptional image quality, affordable, efficient, with hard card and document scanning capabilities all in one, and high-quality support services.  Trust Kodak with your healthcare document needs.

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Panasonic System Networks Company of America (PSNA) offers customizable and scalable solutions for communications, collaboration, productivity and site security that are reliable, affordable and flexible, allowing our clients to be more responsive to their customers while staying better connected to remote and mobile colleagues.

PSNA is committed to providing clients in vertical industries such as Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, and Professional Services with comprehensive solutions that encompass Home and Business Communications, Surveillance and Monitoring, Retail Information Systems and Document Management devices–helping them to stay competitive, while quickly and effectively adapting to the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace.