P2POpen from eClinicalWorks revolutionizes communication from practice-to-practice, provider-to-provider and peer-to-peer. It is a scalable and secure way to enhance patient care through improved dialogue.

P2POpen establishes communication between providers within the same city, county, state or across regions. Not only will it allow for communication between eClinicalWorks users, but it will allow any provider/practice to communicate with a provider/practice outside the community.

Join the network! Any provider can join the P2P Open network - regardless of the EHR system used.  Sign up at www.jointhenetwork.com.

Featured Advantages:

  • Easily find and connect with providers
  • Send electronic referrals to other providers along with demographic and insurance information, saving time and reducing errors
  • Transmit patient records with attachments, including progress notes, lab results, medical summary and patient scanned documents
  • Automatically receive recommended providers in the area
  • Find providers using a member-specified radius and specialty
  • Build personal address book

Security is always a priority for eClinicalWorks. All patient data and physician communications are transmitted securely over HTTPS.