eClinicalWorks Patient Portal

eClinicalWorks Patient Portal lets patients communicate with their doctor and access important information over the Internet. Your practice can send patients reminders, statements, patient education materials, and lab results electronically. Since communication is a key to preventative medicine, Patient Portal is a valuable aspect of the eClinicalWorks Comprehensive EHR Solution.


Featured Advantages

Patients can:

  • Enter medical history on-line
  • Send messages to their doctor’s office
  • Complete New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration
  • Conduct Web consults
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Check lab results
  • Schedule appointments
  • View current and past account statements
  • Obtain patient education materials

Providers can:

  • Securely communicate with patients
  • View history
  • Post lab and imaging results to the portal
  • Send reminder notices
  • Post and upload patient consent forms
  • Obtain referral requests
  • Send appropriate patient education materials directly to the patient

Why should your patients use eClinicalWorks Patient Portal?
Patient Portal uses leading edge technology to promote healthcare and makes it easier to perform preventative care. The Patient Portal give patients 24x7 access to their medical information from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.

Success Story

Dr. Kara Nance

Size: Solo Provider
Location: Chicago, IL
Specialty: Internal Med.
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Success Story

Size: 70+ Providers
Location:  Greensboro, NC
Specialty:  Multi-Specialty
Patient Portal: June '09
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