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A Unified Solution for your Ambulatory Surgery Center

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Comprehensive Documentation

Complete PATIENT HISTORY at the point of care

eClinicalWorks puts a complete medical record for each patient at the provider’s fingertips, on demand and at the point of care. With full visibility of all previous encounters, along with medications, allergies, and other physicians’ notes, the provider can focus on delivering high-quality care while safeguarding patient safety.

Scheduling for OPERATING ROOMS and procedures

Managing the daily patient census is key to improving workflows and ensuring that any medical facility is sustainable. Our solution gives administrators the ability to manage Operating Room scheduling across the entire facility. Operatories can be reserved for individual surgeons.

PREFERENCE CARDS and inventory management

Up-to-date and customizable, Preference Cards contribute to more efficient, safer, and more cost-effective surgical procedures. Each physician has access to the tools and materials needed for common procedures, and the quantities of material used are automatically accounted for, making inventory management more efficient.

Security & Accessibility

CLOUD-BASED, with private data storage

Unlike other cloud EHRs that comingle your data with that of other practices, eClinicalWorks keeps your private data
private. Since you’re on your own database, your system performance will never be affected by another practice’s
upgrades or large search queries, and you can schedule upgrades at your convenience.

PATIENT PORTAL for records, labs, and messages

With Patient Portal, patients can review their personal health records, see lab results, ask their provider questions, access educational materials, and request prescription refills and referrals. And the healow app extends those capabilities to mobile devices, ensuring patients and providers remain connected anytime, anywhere, on any device.

KIOSK for easy check-in and questionnaires

Kiosk allows your patients to check in for their appointments with ease, confirm insurance information, and even answer questionnaires — and links that information directly to the EHR system. Your front-office staff gain valuable extra time they can use to better assist other patients, answer phone calls, and handle other duties.

Healthcare Connectivity and Analytics

Interoperability through COMMONWELL AND CAREQUALITY

eClinicalWorks belongs to the Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance frameworks, which allow our clients to
exchange patient data with other members through our Interoperability Hub — automatically, securely, and at no cost.
Having complete patient records at the point of care helps ensure delivery of high-quality care.

Integration with devices and GIQUIC REGISTRY

The eClinicalWorks solution for gastroenterologists and Ambulatory Surgery Centers integrates seamlessly with vital signs devices as well as popular industry tools, including the GIQuIC Registry for benchmarking quality measures in colonoscopy and endoscopy, and the Harvey-Bradshaw Index for quantifying symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Data ANALYTICS for Population Health

The eClinicalWorks Population Health Management solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for improving care quality and access, identifying gaps in care, improving Patient Engagement, assessing risk, meeting clinical quality measures, reducing costs, measuring compliance, meeting regulatory challenges, and achieving financial goals.

From pre-visit consultations, through documentation and procedures, to post-operative
reminders, eClinicalWorks meets every need of today’s ASCs.
One unified solution. Quality care. Lower costs.

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