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Delivering Quality Care With Dignity

“You see a lot of programs and a lot of clinics set up to say, we’ll wait until someone has a problem, then we’ll react to it, then we’ll do post-acute care. We’d rather do pre-acute care and have the documentation and the communication to follow that through.”
Dr. Todd Stivland, owner & CEO, Bluestone Physician Services

Practice Info

  • Bluestone Physician Services
  • More than 200 staff working with partners at assisted living and nursing facilities in three states to coordinate the delivery of quality care to more than 4,000 patients
  • Serving more than 500 locations in Minnesota, Eastern Wisconsin, and in selected major metropolitan areas of Florida
  • Specialty: Chronic care services for frail, elderly, and disabled individuals
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For Bluestone Physician Services, quality healthcare means working with frail, elderly patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, each of which features a different setup and specific challenges. The practice needed a partner with tools for chronic care management, the ability to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of care partners, and products to enable the delivery of care in mobile settings.


eClinicalWorks has provided Bluestone with the flexibility to match the dynamic nature of their work and has helped the practice prepare to meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement models.


Bluestone, which has grown to more than 70 providers in three states, provides quality care to thousands of patients who are near the end of their lives, helping them and their caregivers meet the challenges of dementia and chronic illness with dignity. With the support of eClinicalWorks, Bluestone continues to provide pre-acute care to improve the quality of life of their patients, control costs, and help their partners tackle the emerging challenges of value-based care.

About Bluestone Physician Services

Since 2006, Bluestone Physician Services has provided on-site care to residents in assisted living communities, memory care facilities, and group homes. In keeping with the latest medical advances and in partnership with eClinicalWorks, Bluestone delivers care with kindness and respect to more than 4,000 patients, in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, in Eastern Wisconsin, and in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida. Bluestone also has a highly developed care coordination model used to serve another 2,000 seniors and people with disabilities in Minnesota.

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