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Costs & Limitations

Enterprise Patient Portal is a Modular EHR with certification in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. The products in which make up the Modular EHR include Enterprise Patient Portal, as set forth below.

  • CHPL Certification ID: 07312014-3005-1 – Enterprise Patient Portal v1.0 Inpatient
  • CHPL Certification ID: 07312014-3004-1 – Enterprise Patient Portal v1.0 Ambulatory

This Modular EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


The use of Enterprise Patient Portal (hereinafter singularly referred to as “EPP”) involves costs in addition to the standard eClinicalWorks V10 costs. The costs that will be incurred are outlined below:

  • Implementation, Hosting and Maintenance Costs:
    • In order to implement the service, there is a one-time implementation cost applied to the entire organization, i.e., a single, one-time implantation cost per organization.
    • There is a quarterly cost for support and maintenance of the platform as well as a quarterly cost for eClinicalWorks hosting the platform. This quarterly cost is determined by the number of patients that have an account related to the product.

In addition to the implementation, hosting and maintenance costs, there are other potential costs depending on the customer’s customization needs to support EPP. These costs are outlined below:

  • Depending on the subscription package selected by the customer, an initial patient limit is set. If the amount of patients goes beyond the set limit, a quarterly cost is incurred.
  • Customers have the availability to use eCW Project Managers to implement the product. This cost is initially a one-time cost and then additional time can be purchased at a daily cost. Travel and airfare costs are not incorporated into the days’ costs.
  • Given a particular customer’s needs, there may be additional interfaces needed for their organization (such as a demographics feed inbound, a Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (hereinafter singularly referred to as ” CCDA”) feed inbound, HL7 Lab Results from Hospital, HL7 Radiology Results from Hospital, etc). There is a one-time cost per interface/ integration to set-up and configure the interface. The customer may have to sign an interface end-user/ contractual agreement.
  • If a customer is interested in having a test server hosted by EPP, a per month cost is incorporated. If the customer is hosting the server, a one-time setup fee is incurred.


The EP or Hospitalist must sign a EPP Software License & Support agreement. The term of the agreement is typically a 3-year term which may vary depending on the customer’s needs.

In the event a patient would like to share CCDA with a provider that is outside of the organization, the patient would need to know the receiving provider’s direct address in order to successfully submit the CCDA.

The EPP product only displays records that it received from the source Organization. For example, if a source Organization only submits three patient records to EPP, then only three patient’s records will be viewable upon user log-in to the EPP product.

In order to receive any patient data, it is required that the sending provider have a certificate verifying his or her provider information. Because EPP is dependent on receiving this certificate verifying the source of the patient data received through EPP, the product’s functionality is limited to the extent that the source data must first be verified.

*Current Enterprise Patient Portal V1.0 2014 Edition CHPL Certification ID’s: 07312014-3004-1; 07312014-3005-1. Current ACB for all eClinicalWorks Enterprise Patient Portal certifications: Drummond Group Inc. To view the listing from the Certified Health IT Product List, please visit the ONC CHPL website & search for eClinicalWorks under the 2014 Edition EHR certifications.

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