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Costs & Limitations

eClinicalWorks V10 meets the Complete EHR certification criteria as an integrated bundle of EHR modular products. There may be certain costs, contractual obligations, and technical and practical limitations associated with eClinicalWorks V10.  The products which make up the Complete EHR, include eClinicalWorks V10, as set forth below.

  • CHPL Certification ID: 07312014-3001-1 — eClinicalWorks V10
  • CHPL Certification ID: 07312014-3002-1 — eClinicalWorks V10
  • CHPL Certification ID: 07312014-3003-1 — eClinicalWorks V10
  • CHPL Certification ID: – eClinicalWorks V10 SP2

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


The cost that an eligible provider, eligible hospital or critical access hospital (hereinafter singularly and collectively referred to as “EP”) will incur related to implementing eClinicalWorks V10 in order for the EP to use the product to the fullest:

  • Implementation & Hosting Costs for:
    • Cloud-based solution: eClinicalWorks offers a Cloud-based solution that includes hosting and implementation fees for a monthly fee, per provider. Implementation costs do not include travel and airfare costs, which are billed separately.
    • Cloud-based solution (RCM model): eClinicalWorks offers the Cloud-based solution described directly above with revenue cycle management services. The fees for the revenue cycle management services under this option include one or more of (i) an additional monthly fee per FTE (Full Time Equivalent) or provider, (ii) an additional monthly fee based upon claim count, (iii) a percentage of the total collected revenue, plus additional, optional fees, such as fees for patient statements.
    • License-based solution: eClinicalWorks offers a license-based solution for a one-time software license fee per provider with additional fees for implementation. Additionally, there is a supplemental monthly support and maintenance cost calculated per FTE. For license-based solution, hosting can be the responsibility of the customer or eClinicalWorks for an additional monthly fee per FTE. Implementation costs do not include travel and airfare costs, which are billed separately.

In addition to the implementation and possible hosting costs, this certified product-version could require additional costs for:

  • A third-party partner that provides patient-specific education. These partners can be one or more of the following: Healthwise Incorporated – Healthwise Patient Education EMR Module, 9.7, Krames StayWell Krames StayWell Infobutton EHR V1.2, Ebix, Inc. A.D.A.M Version 2.0 and/or Elsevier Patient Education Direct v1.0 (Elsevier is only applicable for V10 SP2). The costs vary, depending on the selected third-party partner, and are assessed monthly per provider. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(a)(15) Patient-specific education resources.

Additional costs that may be incurred for this certified product-version:

  • Depending on the customer’s selected lab/imaging company and their current transactional volume, this certified product-version may require a one-time set-up cost per interface in order to establish that interface, which is used to electronically transmit results. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(b)(5)(a) – Incorporate laboratory tests and values/results and 170.314(a)(12) – Image Results.
  • This certified product-version may require an initial interface set-up cost and/or on-going maintenance and support costs to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization public health agencies or any specialized registry. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(f)(3) – Transmission to Public Health Agencies – Syndromic Surveillance.
  • Support and maintenance for integration of this certified product-version with other ONC certified systems may require additional one-time set-up cost and/or re-occurring support and maintenance costs.
  • Depending on the patient’s preferred mode of communication while utilizing eClinicalMessenger for practice-to-patient communications, transactional costs may apply per SMS/voice message sent. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(a)(14) Patient List Creation.
  • Generating and/or transmitting a QRDA or other format file(s) required participation in payer quality initiatives/programs may require one-time file generation costs, multi-file generation costs and/or consulting fees. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(c)(3) Clinical Quality Measures – Electronic Submission.
  • For customers interested in transitioning patient care via eClinicalWorks, the following three options are available:
    •  eClinicalWorks Direct Plus – This model is available for eClinicalWorks providers to connect to non-eCW providers on a HISP, that is part of Accredited Trust Bundle. eClinicalWorks utilizes eClinicalDirect LLC, an EHNAC-P&S (Privacy and Security)*-accredited HISP, which is also part of the Accredited Trust Bundle. Information on Accredited Trust Bundle can be found under . This service has an associated cost, per provider per year, or per organization per year. In order for the provider to utilize the eClinicalWorks Direct Plus service, the provider must create their individual eClinicalWorks Direct Plus account and complete the onboarding process.
    • eClinicalWorks P2P – This model is available for eClinicalWorks providers to connect directly with other eClinicalWorks providers. Providers can register for Provider-to-Provider (P2P) using the eClinicalWorks EHR. There are no associated costs for this service.
    • NOTE: This information is presented in regards to criteria 170.314(b)(1) – Transitions of care – receive, display and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries and 170.314(b)(2) – Transitions of care – create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries.  *EHNAC – P&S (Privacy and Security)
  • For customers who are interested in electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS), identity proofing needs to be completed. There is a support and maintenance cost per provider, per year in order to set up the provider with the ability to e-prescribe controlled substances, which includes the cost for identity proofing and the token required to EPCS.
  • For customers who use an additional platform in addition to the windows-based EHR application, they have the option to use our iPad App, eClinicalTouch. This cost is per provider, per month.
  • eClinicalWorks Scribe is an option available in which providers can use a voice-to-text service to dictate their progress notes. Cost is per provider, per month. This is in regards to criteria 170.314(a)(9) – Electronic Notes.
  • Depending on the customer’s needs, there may be costs for any additional services outside the standard agreement (such as additional implementation services, business analysis services, additional training services, etc.).


This certified product-version is certified to Data Portability criteria 170.314(b)(7) and can generate a set of export summaries for all patients. However, the ability to utilize the mass export functionality for Data Export is designed to work after hours and can only process 5,000 records in a single batch to ensure optimal system performance.

The EP must sign an eClinicalWorks Software License and Support agreement and the term of the agreement is typically a 5-year term which may vary depending on the customer’s needs. There may be additional agreements and associated costs that an EP must enter into with a third-party vendor (such as a clearinghouse company, lab company, etc.) depending on the customer’s needs. eClinicalWorks maintains and posts Terms of Use that apply to the access to and/or use of its MAQ and/or MIPS Dashboards.

NOTE: eClinicalWorks V10 2014 Edition CHPL Certification IDs: 07312014-3002-1; 07312014-3003-1; 07312014-3001-1. and eClinicalWorks V10 SP2 2014 Edition CHPL Certification ID: Current ONC-ACB for all eClinicalWorks V10 and V10 SP2 certifications: Drummond Group Inc. To view the listing from the Certified Health IT Product List, please visit the ONC CHPL website & search for eClinicalWorks under the 2014 Edition Complete EHR certifications.

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