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  • 19 October 2014
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2014 NUC: Saturday


What great day of sessions and party! We certainly lit up the night yesterday. It was an educating day for the conference; many sessions were held, including how the NFL is utilizing health IT, the new eClinicalWorks dental module, learning how to set up for your practice, getting patients excited about patient engagement as well as eClinicalTouch, ACO Management Services and too many more to mention. It was also a packed day for breakout sessions.


Today, the eCWPodcast booth held two live podcasts regarding eClinicalTouch and patient engagement, with a special guest star popping in on one. Attendees sat in the audience and watched the hosts and doctors discuss these topics. The social media hub was buzzing so much that we think hashtags #eClinicalWorks and #NUC2014 were trending. Attendees have been sharing their photos from the conference through e-mail and social media channels. Prizes were also given away at various booths.


To end the night, eClinicalWorks held its company celebration entitled “Light Up the Night.” It was filled with great food, music, dancing, games and much more. We all had a wonderful time and met new people from around the country. The band was incredible, and everyone mingled and danced the night away.


Our 100MillionSteps initiative is in full swing, benefiting Give Kids the World, so make sure you are tracking your steps. Let’s keep up energy and engagement through another fabulous day!


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