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Revenue Cycle Management: Bring Better Billing to Your Practice

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions to Transform Your Practice

eClinicalWorks® is one of the few vendors in the healthcare IT industry that offers clients a choice of RCM solutions — a self-service Practice Management model, in which you handle your own billing, or an RCM Service model in which eClinicalWorks provides a complete end-to-end solution for your practice.

Either way, with RCM from eClinicalWorks, you may enjoy industry-leading quality, outstanding customer support, and a 98% or higher first-pass acceptance rate.

Two Ways of Approaching Revenue Cycle Management

RCM Technology includes all back-office integration to provide our clients an edge in the RCM space. Some features include providing patient eligibility and deductible information, bots to help scrub and submit claims as well as receive and post electronic remittances, and denials and appeals management technology.

Alerts Dashboard

Prioritize claims to avoid missing payer timely filing windows.

Work Queue Dashboards

Larger, CBO-centric practices can allocate inventory and process claims for A/R management.

Performance Evaluation Tools

Monitor your financial health using The eClinicalWorks RCM Dashboard and Provider Analytics as well as practice KPIs.

Leave RCM to a Trusted Healthcare IT Partner

Our experts use the RCM technology to its fullest potential, creating a preventive approach to managing denials and rejections. Unlike other billing services, we work your appeals at all levels, let you decide on write-offs, and keep you fully informed of your practice’s financial health through real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting.

  • Real-time patient insurance eligibility
  • Visibility dashboards to monitor practice performance
  • Claim processing, review, scrubbing, and follow-up
  • Insurance & patient payments go directly to your practice
  • Denials & appeals management
  • Manage workers’ compensation and other liability claims
  • Manage the preliminary steps necessary to send accounts to collections
  • Daily, monthly, and year-to-date statements and reports

Why Go With eClinicalWorks RCM

Maximize Healthcare Practice Visibility

  • Comprehensive tools for reporting and analytics
  • Easily monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Get real-time claim status updates

Improve Communication

  • Use our RCM console for collections, refunds, and claims alerts
  • Have a dedicated account manager to aid you in every step of your financial journey
  • Send out electronic satisfaction surveys

Customer Success Story

Spectrum Family Medicine

See how this practice used the eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management solution to help sustain the practice’s financial performance.

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