An EHR for Orthopedics Practices

Orthopedic Workflows in a Comprehensive EMR/PM System


The eClinicalWorks® cloud-based EHR and Practice Management solution helps orthopedic practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers increase efficiency and maintain the highest quality of care. Orthopedists using eClinicalWorks Scribe® can use a smartphone for natural speech dictation or type Progress Notes on a desktop or laptop. Providers have access to a wide variety of templates and specialty forms that can be customized for specific musculoskeletal areas and then modified, copied, merged, and saved.

What’s Specific to Orthopedic Practices

  • For therapeutic interventions, providers can document common procedures and physical therapy assessments, capture patient limitations and goals, and search for imaging results, such as an MRI from a hospital. An exercise plan has been added to the Progress Note, and charges from the exercise sheet will auto-populate the billing.
  • With Surgery Navigator, providers can manage all preoperative and postoperative tasks and forms commonly associated with orthopedic surgeries. Surgery Navigator tracks various surgery components from one central location, improving workflows and efficiency.
  • eClinicalWorks covers the orthopedic needs of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, from scheduling and intake through clinical documentation, billing, and follow-up. Providers have access to the full range of tools for efficient practice, including Kiosk, preference cards, inventory management, procedure notes, nursing documentation, anesthesia, electronic consultations, and much more.

EHR Solutions for an Enhanced Orthopedics Practice

Screenshot of Prisma on laptop


PRISMA is a health information search engine that allows orthopedic staff to search for patient information from primary care providers, specialists, clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals nationwide regardless of the EHR they are using – turning your eClinicalWorks EHR into a true Network EHR.

Screenshot of provider progress notes

healow TeleVisits

healow TeleVisits™ is an appointment-based telehealth solution that allows providers to deliver an in-office experience to patients with online ease.

eClinicalWorks Scribe Product screenshots on a laptop and a smartphone devices

eClinicalWorks Scribe

Generate accurate and comprehensive Progress Notes through our electronic Scribe – helping you record patient data within seconds using speech-to-text technology.


healow CHECK-IN

Our convenient and contactless check-in solution lets patients verify demographics, sign consent forms, update intake forms, and pay copays and outstanding balances.


Patient Portal

The Patient Portal gives your patients 24/7 access to their medical information, anywhere, and on any device.


The eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant (Eva) can respond to voice commands, recall patient data on demand, compare past and current Progress Notes, play educational videos, and much more.