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eClinicalMessenger: Send Automated Health Reminders to Those in Need

Secure Reminders Designed to Improve Patient Engagement

eClinicalMessenger® is a way to send out automated electronic reminders to patients through voice messages, secure text messages, the healow® app/Patient Portal, or email.

By taking long and drawn-out manual processes out of the equation, your staff can save time and energy to perform other important tasks.

eClinicalMessenger Campaigns

eClinicalMessenger lets healthcare professionals take advantage of a patient-centric suite of health and wellness campaigns that will promote outreach for important health reminders.

  • Administrative campaigns – Contact patients for everything from reminding them about a missed appointment to greeting them on their birthday
  • Appointment reminders – Remind patients of an upcoming doctor’s visit and obtain confirmation status that flows directly into the Resource Schedule.
  • Clinical order campaigns – Give patients the ability to check lab results, diagnostic imaging tests, prescription notifications, and more
  • Custom campaigns – Contact patients based on your individual practice criteria
  • Disease management and quality measures – Contact patients regarding reminders and overdue tests for specific high-risk conditions such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Post-visit surveys – Engage and obtain feedback from patients after an encounter
  • Wellness and prevention – Reach out to patients overdue for important preventive and wellness-related tests or immunizations, from breast cancer screenings to flu season reminders

In-Depth Insight Into Your Patient Population

Messenger Analytics helps you gain insight into your patient population.

  • Monitor your campaign performance
  • Modify the campaigns based on the responses you receive
  • Configure campaigns to be more effective for your patients and more efficient for your practice

Customer Success With eClinicalMessenger

Unity Health Care/Dekalb Pediatric Associates

Find out how eClinicalMessenger® campaigns have been helping practices like Unity Health Care and Dekalb Pediatric Associates become more efficient and better care for their patients.

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