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Due to COVID-19, we’re capping your overall TeleVisit costs through June, regardless of usage.

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healow TeleVisits Telehealth

eClinicalWorks healow Telehealth Solutions is the largest telehealth provider in the country. The telehealth market is crowded with choices, but only eClinicalWorks delivers comprehensive solutions grounded in 20 years of experience. healow Telehealth Solutions are the smart choice for delivering care remotely. Unlike other options, healow is HIPAA-compliant, designed for healthcare providers, and is easy to use. healow Telehealth Solutions work with your system, whether you use eClinicalWorks or another EHR.

See how healow stacks up against the competition.

Provider and Patient Experience

Expanding Access to Care With healow Televisits

Whether there is a health crisis or you want to expand your practice, TeleVisits is a telehealth solution that offers providers an effective, convenient and safe alternative to an office visit.

How to get your patients started with healow TeleVisits

Start improving your access to care with healow TeleVisits. This step-by-step instructional video shows patients how to better understand and navigate our telehealth solution.

Customer Success

How TeleVisits Have Transformed First Choice Neurology

For the past few years, Dr. Jeff Gelblum, Sr. Attending Physician at First Choice Neurology, and 90 other providers, have been using TeleVisits, the eClinicalWorks telehealth solution, to improve care for the practice’s large patient base. With an understanding of the power of telehealth, the providers at First Choice Neurology were instantly able to make a difference in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How TeleVisits are Bringing Convenience and Ease of Care to Patients at SG Pediatrics

Learn how the simple-to-use and convenient eClinicalWorks telehealth solution, healow TeleVisits, is helping providers at SG Pediatrics deliver quality care and why TeleVisits will continue to be an integral part of these providers’ workflows.

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See how healow stacks up against the competition.

healow Telehealth SolutionsOthers
Fully HIPAA-compliant???
Appointment scheduling???
On-demand video/audio calls???
Initiate visit with text message or email???
Pre-visit questionnaires and collect vital signs???
Patients can use iPhone, Android, or browser???
Document Progress Note???
Screen depression, SDH, respiratory illness, etc.???
Collect patient data via wearables (BP cuffs, etc.)???
Usage analytics???
Satisfaction surveys*???
Online appointment booking*???
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*Optional items are available at an additional cost.