A better way to expand access to care

Expand your patients’ access to care with an unprecedented solution that leverages the power of the eClinicalWorks EHR.

Deliver an in-office experience with online ease

With healow TeleVisits, you can deliver the same quality care online as you do in the office. Patients’ clinical data is fully integrated. Your workflows are unaffected, with access to all the same powerful tools, like lab interfacing and electronic prescribing. Intelligent bandwidth management provides a stable and secure connection, optimized to prevent skip, lag, or loss of audio quality.

TeleVisits are convenient, secure, and reimbursable

You and your patients don’t need to invest in new hardware or fancy cameras. healow TeleVisits is a software-based solution that uses existing computers, networks and webcams, and works with every browser, with no need for plug-ins. Technical assistance is available to both you and your patients. And TeleVisits are reimbursable under many public and private payer plans.

We guide you through the telemedicine maze

Are you confused by telemedicine rules and regulations? Do you think you lack the time to learn to use it effectively? Not to worry. eClinicalWorks understands telemedicine regulations state by state. We have the technical knowledge to get you started — simply, clearly and easily.

A sustainable solution that’s here to stay

With healow TeleVisits, you’re part of the evolution of medicine, delivering quality care to patients who — for reasons of health, time or convenience — can benefit from an online visit. We help make that visit virtually indistinguishable from an in-office experience. And because TeleVisits are easy for your patients, they’re more likely to try them and keep on using them.

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Questions? Chat Now!

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