Cost & Utilization Explorer: Empower Practices With Bulk Claims Data

Cost and Utilization Explorer

The eClinicalWorks® Cost & Utilization Explorer offers unprecedented access to Medicare claims data in order to help providers gain the insights necessary to meet the challenges of value-based care.

Providers can see patients’ well visits, flu and pneumonia vaccines, colonoscopies, opioid indicators, and more.

Administrators and quality analysts can analyze the reasons for and frequency of preventable ER visits and determine overall population costs.


A FHIR-based API accesses CMS’ Data at the Point of Care (DPC) initiative to put a wealth of Medicare claims data into the hands of providers, helping them gain the insights necessary to meet the challenges of outcome-based and value-based healthcare models.

Key Features

  • Bulk download of Medicare claims data
  • Interactive, population-level analysis
  • Access to patient care gaps and utilization data during the visit
  • Utilization patterns and trending dashboards
  • Integrated DPC roster management