Disease Explorer: Cohort-Based Population Health Management

Better Visibility, Sharper Insight

Disease Explorer offers healthcare professionals comprehensive insight into patient populations by enabling practices to group patients into cohorts based on common needs.

With Disease Explorer, your healthcare practice can target high-risk patients, identify those patients who are waiting for test results, and prioritize patient care. Healthcare professionals can also Identify opportunities to close care gaps, dynamically investigate disease risk among your patient population, and achieve cohort-based population management.

The Power of Disease Explorer

  • Organize patients by demographic data, medical condition, severity, or non-compliance with specific health measures or recommendations
  • Identify patients who need your attention soonest
  • Apply dynamic analysis to create actionable cohorts
  • Use social determinants and demographic factors to identify and analyze gaps in care
  • Target and hone your outreach and intervention efforts to get the right message to the right patients
  • Save staff time by leveraging integration with eClinicalMessenger®