Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Healthcare today is more complex and challenging than ever, with regulations, mandates, acronyms, and constant changes in how care is delivered and paid for. Providers need better tools to help them keep their focus on caring for patients. But getting there requires they first conquer seas of paper, improve practice management, and sharpen Patient Engagement.


Each of the following case studies illustrates how eClinicalWorks works with our clients to fashion customized solutions to unique challenges, from Electronic Health Records and Practice Management to Revenue Cycle Management and more. Read on to see how eClinicalWorks and its clients are improving healthcare together.

Arkansas Heart Hospital
Committed to Enhancing Cardiovascular Health

Arkansas Heart Hospital, nationally recognized specialists in cardiac care, found that their original healthcare IT choice, NextGen, had been little more than a vendor. The hospital needed a true partner, a company capable of helping them fulfill their mission of excellence through innovation, accountability through ownership, resilience without compromise, and teamwork with results.

Bergen Neurology Consultants
Screening Out Frustration and Inefficiency

In 2008, Bergen Neurology Consultants began searching for a comprehensive electronic medical record system. Their goals were to improve efficiency and streamline workflow in order to provide better patient care and create a pleasant experience for each patient visit.

Block & Nation Family Medicine
How an EHR Helps Sustain a Practice

Block & Nation was looking to use technology to streamline workflows, improve documentation, provide better sharing of patient history between doctors outside of the practice, and increase efficiencies and profitability. The practice realized that it needed an electronic medical record solution.

Bluestone Physician Services
Delivering Quality Care with Dignity

Bluestone Physician Services uses an all-mobile model to provide quality care coordination to chronically ill and frail elders, many of whom have dementia and are near the end of life. By working closely with their care providers and families, Bluestone focuses on pre-acute care, helping to reduce hospitalizations, control medical costs, and meet the challenges of chronic illness and aging with dignity.

Brown Clinic
Superusers on the Great Plains

Founded in 1935, Brown Clinic provides comprehensive care to more than 100,000 patients in Watertown, South Dakota and surrounding areas. Read how the practice, by developing superuser capacity in partnership with eClinicalWorks’ EHR/PM solutions, has achieved PCMH recognition, embraced Chronic Care Management, and made a successful transition to an Accountable Care Organization — retaining their independence, meeting numerous reporting requirements, continuing to provide quality healthcare, and controlling costs.

Carson Medical Group
Growing Patient Engagement with Portal and Messenger

With the arrival of Meaningful Use requirements and the shift toward value-based care, Carson Medical Group of northern Nevada recognized the need to adopt additional technologies and updated patient engagement strategies to streamline workflows and further improve the quality of care.

Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians
Better Health Through Strong Partnerships

Committed to providing the highest quality care to patients, COPCP is a healthcare organization dedicated to engaging patients at both the provider and hospital level. As a result, the organization was tasked with the difficult challenge of uncovering an EHR that would provide value and give them the ability to become a partner in improving the health of all.

Comprehensive, Quality Care for All in Need

At the Center for Health Education, Medicine & Dentistry (CHEMED), providing comprehensive, integrated medical services means taking an integrated approach to health. Clinical excellence is combined with strong Patient Engagement and a focus on behavioral health to ensure that each patient receives all the services they need. And eClinicalWorks has been an indispensable partner in helping CHEMED achieve their vision of community health, for the uninsured, underinsured, and privately ensured — making them truly a first choice in healthcare for their community.

Children’s Clinic of Jonesboro
Better Engagement Through Training and Technology

The Children’s Clinic of Jonesboro, one of the most well-established pediatric clinics in Arkansas, needed to increase the number of patients using Patient Portal and the healow app. They identified several causes for low patient engagement and worked with eClinicalWorks to more effectively reach out to patients through technology and training.

Providing Urgent Care with Kindness

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Richard Park in New York City, CityMD provides urgent care through more than 60 walk-in clinics. Providers are dedicated to providing convenient, affordable and high-quality medical care while adhering to their mission of dispensing kindness to every patient. See how eClinicalWorks has helped CityMD achieve that balance throughout their network.

Coastal Medical, Inc.
A Culture of Collaboration in Rhode Island

Coastal Medical needed to implement a single, unified electronic medical record across 17 medical practices in multiple locations state-wide, and establish a solid foundation for coordinated care across all practices.

Dallas Internal Medicine Group
Interoperability as a Key to Better Perioperative Care

As a perioperative care practice, Dallas Internal Medicine Group practitioners move among three hospitals — and three different EHRs — as they care for the needs of thousands of patients before, during, and after surgery. DIMG needed a partner capable of developing solutions to its interoperability challenges. By activating the Carequality interface through eClinicalWorks, DIMG physicians now have on-demand access to complete patient records and histories, and have reduced costs while enhancing the quality of care and patient safety.

Dimock Community Health Center
Better Dental Health Through Technology

The Dimock Community Health Center today provides comprehensive medical, dental and mental health services to men, women and children in some of Greater Boston’s most underserved neighborhoods. With eClinicalWorks, Dimock found a healthcare IT partner that made delivery of dental services faster and easier, enabling them to increase the number of patients they can serve.

EssenMED House Calls
Bringing Quality Care Home

In 2005, Dr. Sumir Sahgal took a page out of America’s medical past, reviving the house call to deliver high-quality primary care to NYC-area residents in the comfort of their homes. For many of his patients and their caregivers, issues of transportation, employment and mobility make office visits difficult. EssenMED House Calls has grown to serve more than 4,000 families, improving wellbeing, reducing hospitalization rates, and helping control costs.

Granger Medical Clinic
Independence and Quality in Salt Lake City

Granger Medical Clinic, an independent provider of primary and specialty care to the Salt Lake City, Utah area, needed a healthcare IT partner that could meet the demands of rapid growth, value-based care, and becoming an ACO — without losing their independence of focus on putting patients and providers first. They turned to eClinicalWorks and found the unified solution they needed — for documentation, hospital interoperability, better Patient Engagement, and the analytics and insight necessary to meet the challenges of Population Health.

Grove Medical Associates
Continuous Quality Improvement

In 2004, Grove Medical Associates realized the promise and potential of electronic medical records. Its overarching clinical goals were, and continue to be, the delivery of high quality patient care and improved patient safety.

Gwinnett Center Medical Associates
Empowering Patients for a More Efficient Practice

A small suburban Atlanta medical practice was burdened with hundreds of calls daily, and needed a better way to serve patients seeking appointments and information without compromising the care provided to those already in the office.

Indiana University Health Center
The Future of Student Healthcare

With over 2,000 square feet dedicated to paper records, the health center understood its current paper-based system had become a detriment to the quality of care delivered to students. The health center set out to implement a comprehensive EHR system to meet its goals of improving efficiency, resulting in a streamlined workflow.

Internal Medicine Specialists
Comprehensive Solutions for a GI Practice

IMS, an ever expanding Gastroenterology practice, quickly realized its current paper-based PM system was too expensive and lacked the advanced functionality the practice expected, resulting in a continued use of paper. IMS looked to switch to a comprehensive EHR solution that was affordable and would replace the need for transcription.

Where Compassion Meets Technology

MedPeds, a private practice of eight providers and 23 employees, situated in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Laurel, Maryland, understood its current paper-based system was becoming a detriment to the practice’s overall functionality.

Mobile Physician Services
Delivering Mobile Care in Central Florida

A 100% mobile care practice sought Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition for its efforts delivering care to chronically ill patients throughout Central Florida. Mobile Physician Services soon realized that its success might well serve as a national model.

Naples Internal Medical Associates
Chronic Care Management in Florida

How to effectively implement a Medicare rule that pays providers up to $42 per patient, per month, for providing non-face-to-face Chronic Care Management services to patients with two or more chronic health conditions.

NCH Medical Group
Battling Information Asymmetry

Northwest Community Healthcare Medical Group, a large multi-specialty practice serving thousands of patients in the suburbs northwest of Chicago, faced a significant challenge with “information asymmetry,” and needed a way to transfer records from Northwest Community Healthcare Hospital, which used a different EHR vendor. Through eClinicalWorks and the Carequality network, they are meeting the challenges of interoperability — with seamless exchange of clinical data, improved communications, and enhanced patient safety.

Norman Regional Health Center
How the Cloud Weathered the Storm

On May 20, 2013, the Moore Medical Center, part of the Norman Regional Health System, was hit by EF-5 tornado, destroying the entire hospital. In the wake of the disaster concerned patients were left worrying about whether their information remained accessible. Fortunately, they had eClinicalWorks in place.

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists
Building a Team for Chronic Care Management

A rapidly growing regional medical center serving several largely rural counties in Northern Ohio needed more effective outreach to chronically ill patients — to enhance wellness, to quantify the services they were providing, and to help implement new reimbursement models.

Open Door Family Medical Center
Making Healthcare Accessible to All

Open Door realized as early as 1996 that they needed an electronic medical record system to manage their patient charts. Their paper-based system was outdated and not serving the providers or the patients. An estimated 3% of charts were missing on any given day and many charts were not legible, posing significant patient safety risks.

Pawleys Pediatrics & Adult Medicine
How CCM Saved a Cardiac Patient’s Life

Dr. David K. Haseltine and his colleagues at Pawleys Pediatrics & Adult Medicine in South Carolina successfully implemented Chronic Care Management, helping ensure quality care for some of their most complex patients. With the help of eClinicalWorks’ CCM solution, the practice has developed a robust care management program, the value of which was demonstrated clearly in the case of Vietnam War veteran Robert Grove, who received early detection and treatment for a potentially debilitating cardiac condition.

Petaluma Health Center
Making a Difference in Northern California

Petaluma Health Center’s providers have long focused on providing comprehensive quality care to their thousands of patients. But with the help of eClinicalWorks, this Federally Qualified Health Center was able to focus on two key measures of importance to their community — controlling rates of high blood pressure, and improving compliance with screening for hepatitis C. Read how, with healthcare IT tools from eClinicalWorks, Petaluma Health Center has managed to achieve and maintain significant gains in both areas, while continuing to improve their overall offerings to their community.


Prime Care Family Practice
How Patient Relationship Management Services Can Help

Having great technology and marketing materials are important for any medical practice, but they aren’t necessarily sufficient for maximum efficiency in workflows and the highest level of Patient Engagement. Prime Care Family Practice tapped the power of Patient Relationship Management Services from eClinicalWorks to learn how to better engage their patients, train them in the use of Kiosk, Patient Portal, and the healow family of apps. The results have been major improvements in efficiency and engagement, promoting better medical outcomes.


Riverdale Family Practice
Community Engagement in a Bronx Neighborhood

Riverdale Family Practice, a full-service primary care practice, needed effective electronic solutions to strengthen their ability to provide quality healthcare and effective patient engagement to a socially, culturally and economically diverse patient base in the Bronx, New York.

River Road Medical Group
How Innovation Drives Quality Care

A small, well-established family practice clinic sought ways to continue to provide the highest quality care while adapting to the changing world of healthcare, including Population Health challenges and the impact of value-based Medicare payment reforms.

Salvatore Volpe MD PC
A Solo Practice Impacting Many Lives

Salvatore Volpe MD PC, a solo practice on Staten Island, New York, understood its paper based system no longer promoted its mission of serving patients in the context of family and community. The practice needed to implement an EHR system to improve efficiencies and enhance patient care.

Singletrack Health, P.C.
Quality Community Medicine in Northern Michigan

Some clinicians head for the big city, or strive to build the largest and most comprehensive practice they can. Drs. Christopher and Jennifer Dehlin, both natives of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, had a different vision: Create the best small medicine practice possible in the town where they work and live, Marquette, Michigan. With the help of eClinicalWorks, the Dehlins are fulfilling that vision.

Spectrum Family Medicine
The Whole Record Right at Your Fingertips

In 2010, typical of most practices, providers at Spectrum were faced with the common challenge of “doing more for less.” Increased costs of running the practice coupled with decreased reimbursements from insurance companies forced the practice to take a hard look at internal processes to determine what changes could improve efficiency.

How an ACO’s Advanced Assistants Battle Burnout

Backed by EHR technology from eClinicalWorks, TexomaCare has employed advanced medical assistants to improve the efficiency of patient exams, reduce errors, increase patient satisfaction, and meet their goals as an Accountable Care Organization, including keeping a focus on high-risk patients. The result has been better quality care, lower costs, and a reduced risk of physician burnout — what Dr. Gregory Carlson calls the last leg of a quadruple aim that includes quality, cost, and Patient Engagement.

Trillium Family Medicine
Using Patient Portal to Rightsize a Practice

At a time when doctors are being asked to do more with less, a solo practitioner in North Carolina sought to use healthcare IT to actually reduce his overall patient panel and costs, while improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Tulane Culinary
A Food-First Approach to Better Health

The Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine was founded in 2012 under the aegis of Dr. Timothy S. Harlan, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine. The Center takes a “food first” approach to nutrition and health, helping referred patients improve their dietary habits and better control health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, while promoting nutrition education in academic medical settings.

Tulane University Medical Center
Using Data to Improve Community Health

Although an early adopter of Electronic Medical Records, Tulane University Medical Group has faced an ongoing need for more effective data aggregation techniques and analytics to help its physicians provide quality care to an urban population with high rates of preventable chronic diseases.

Urban Health Plan, Inc.
Health Center Transformation in the Bronx

UHP recognized that technology was required to accelerate both their organization and the work they were engaged in. Their overarching clinical goals were, and continue to be, improved access to care, reduction of health disparities, and improvements to the health outcomes of patients.

Webster Medical Group, PC
Eliminating Paper, Improving Efficiency

Wanting to keep pace with the latest technology in the healthcare industry, Webster Medical Group pursued its search for an EHR that would provide the best method to increase productivity and patient care simultaneously.

Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates
Giving Children the Care They Deserve

Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates, a multi-location pediatric practice, understood its current paper-based system had become a detriment to the efficiency of the office. As a result, the practice needed to implement a comprehensive EMR/PM system to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

Women’s Care Florida
Expecting Great Results with healow Mom

When a large, well-established OB/GYN practice serving Central Florida wanted to increase Patient Engagement and give its patients new tools for tracking their health and pregnancies, they turned to the healow family of apps. Now, more than 40,000 patients at Women’s Care Florida, including many in the tech-savvy millennial generation, are more involved with their health than ever before, knowing what to expect, keeping in closer touch with their healthcare providers, and helping their doctors keep an eye on Population Health challenges such as gestational diabetes and other risks.