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Customer Success Story – Tulane University Medical Center

Using Data to Improve Community Health

“The folks at eClinicalWorks have been huge for us in their level of cooperation, in their level of ability to customize this product in a way that makes sense. I’d like to think they’ve learned a little bit from us along this process, and I think that’s what’s made it such a fantastic partnership.”
Dr. Timothy S. Harlan, Medical Director at Tulane University Medical Group

Practice Info

  • Tulane University Medical Center
  • Size: Major academic and teaching hospital
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Multi-specialty academic and teaching institution
  • Service Area: Greater New Orleans
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Although an early adopter of Electronic Medical Records, Tulane University Medical Group has faced an ongoing need for more effective data aggregation techniques and analytics to help its physicians provide quality care to an urban population with high rates of preventable chronic diseases.


Combining population health and data analysis tools from eClinicalWorks, Tulane’s physicians and data analysts have successful harnessed data from multiple providers and across multiple platforms, producing medically useful information for greater effectiveness at the point of care.


Tulane has forged a true partnership with its healthcare IT provider, developing customizable tools with the speed and flexibility needed to provide quality care to a diverse urban population, while also positioning Tulane as a national leader in identifying and solving long-term and newly emerging challenges in population health.

About Tulane University Medical Center

Since the founding in 1834 of the Medical College of Louisiana — the forerunner to today’s Tulane University School of Medicine — New Orleans has had an important presence in American medicine. Today, Tulane University Medical Center (TUMC), jointly owned by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and Tulane University, is the primary teaching hospital for the Tulane University School of Medicine. TUMC and its affiliated physicians, Tulane University Medical Group, stand on the forefront of Population Health studies, including the integration of healthcare IT technology to broaden medical understanding of how to deliver effective health care to populations in need.

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