Dental Practices Keep Brushing Up on Technology

By: for dental clinics

How medical scribe can advance care Ask someone to list major medical advances, and they are likely to list such things as the eradication of polio, the development of new drugs, the mapping of the human genome, or breakthroughs that are helping improve cancer survival rates. It’s easy to forget about dental care. But good oral health, so often overlooked, remains a vital part of leading a full and healthy life. The list of advances in dentistry is impressive, from the use of drugs to numb pain to more precise and less invasive ways to detect and treat dental decay. Digital radiography has reduced patients’ exposure to X-rays. Silver amalgams have largely been replaced with safer, natural-looking materials. But there’s another way that today’s dental providers can improve their practices and better serve patients—by adopting an AI medical scribe known as eClinicalWorks recently announced that it is integrating into dental clinics across the country.