eClinicalWorks in The Bahamas: How Our EHR and Pop Health Tools Are Making a Difference


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A near neighbor with familiar health challenges The Bahamas lies just southeast of Florida and consists of some 700 islands — 30 of which are inhabited — with a total population of just over 400,000. And while the country enjoys better weather than much of the mainland U.S. on most days, it faces very similar health challenges to those seen in every corner of our nation. For example, according to the Pan American Health Organization, 74 percent of deaths in The Bahamas are from noncommunicable diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. Much attention in recent years has centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, which is understandable given the novelty of the threat and the uncertainties faced around the globe. But the reality is that, year after year, most deaths in Western countries are not from novel or unknown conditions but are due to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a handful of debilitating neurological conditions. However, understanding and analyzing population health data can help transform healthcare delivery.