Scaling Your Practice for Success


scaling up your practice

Imagine that you are a small medical practice with a handful of providers and staff serving thousands of patients. You studied the market and identified a growing need for the services you offer. You chose a great location. You selected eClinicalWorks® and healow® for documentation, practice management, and patient engagement. Your first priority is serving current patients, but you know that long-term success will require growth. Soon, you will face the challenge of attracting more patients. Will you have the personnel and tools necessary to serve them? How will you solve the scalability puzzle? A good option — and a better one You could take the slow and steady route: Be patient, serve your existing patients well, and trust that as your reputation and resources grow, you’ll be able to add staff and patients. That may work, but there’s a better and faster way to achieve scalability. eClinicalWorks and healow offer dozens of innovative solutions. Any one of them can expand efficiency and capacity to some degree, but the combined effect of implementing multiple solutions can truly transform your practice.