1.5 Million Referrals Exchanged via P2POpen

By: | Tags: , , | July 31st, 2015

Earlier this week, eClinicalWorks announced an exciting milestone – the P2POpen network has exchanged 1.5 million referrals between medical providers utilizing a variety of EHR systems. As we, as an industry, have moved to electronic records, one of the key benefits is the ability to access comprehensive, timely information regarding patient care that originates from a variety of sources. This free network ensures healthcare providers can connect with each other for patient care regardless of what EHR system is in use or if the practice is using paper records.


A lack of interoperability is a significant barrier to patient satisfaction and improving patient care. To that end, eClinicalWorks has been pursuing multiple avenues to ensure interoperability in several formats. eClinicalWorks P2POpen network is an open peer to peer network of 86,000 providers, 1 in 5 of whom are using a different EHR system than eClinicalWorks, that share relevant information between providers regardless of the system they are using.


We have also taken an additional step by receiving full accreditation as a health information service provider, or HISP, from EHNAC-DirectTrust for eClinicalWorks’ eClinicalDirect, further demonstrating our commitment to interoperability.


Please read our press release for further details.