120+ Provider Dermatology Practice Reports a 99% Net Collection Rate With eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

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The Dermatology Specialists experienced successful RCM Optimization Services with eClinicalWorks

WESTBOROUGH, MA.—October 12, 2023—eClinicalWorks®, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR, today announced that The Dermatology Specialists (TDS) — a full-service dermatology practice in New York, NY — reported significant results after implementing eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Optimization Services, including a 50% reduction in claim submission lag, and a 33% reduction in payer rejections. By automating the RCM process, the practice has improved key revenue collection performance indicators, like days in accounts receivable (AR), and increased staff productivity and overall revenue collections.
Since implementing eClinicalWorks, The Dermatology Specialists has grown from a single provider office in New York to 120+ providers across 41 locations in multiple states. As the visit count continued to increase, the practice needed an accurate and effective RCM process to streamline the collection process. In April 2023, TDS started an RCM Optimization Services project with eClinicalWorks.
“The eClinicalWorks RCM EIS project did more than optimize our current revenue processes,” Liz Rios, director of revenue cycle management for The Dermatology Specialists. “It established a future path for continued financial growth and efficiency. eClinicalWorks conducted a full on-site walkthrough of our processes, tailoring its recommendations to best suit our operations. Now, we are seeing significant results, including a multiday reduction in AR days across nearly all financial and billing categories.”
Since the start of The Dermatology Specialists’ RCM Optimization Services project with eClinicalWorks, the practice has seen:

  • A 33% reduction in payer rejections.
  • Automated claims submission for approximately 90.86% of customer cases.
  • A 50% reduction in claim submission lag.

With eClinicalWorks, The Dermatology Specialists have access to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) features or bots. Bots help practices achieve success and achieve key performance indicators by streamlining routine tasks in RCM workflows and improving efficiency.
“Optimizing and automating the RCM process can have monumental results for any practice,” said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “After 16 years of our partnership with The Dermatology Specialists, it’s amazing to see how we can continue to partner with them to improve IT operations for better practice management and patient care. We look forward to seeing how the practice continues to grow and impact the community.”

About The Dermatology Specialists

Physician-founded and physician-led, The Dermatology Specialists has grown to become the largest Dermatology Group in New York City. With over 120 clinical providers, the practice manages 500,000+ patient visits annually across 40+ locations. Offering a comprehensive range of medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatologic services, The Dermatology Specialists provides local communities with access to superlative dermatologic care. The practice is open seven days a week and accepts all insurance plans. For more information on The Dermatology Specialists, visit www.TheDermSpecs.com.

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