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  • 26 October 2012
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Day 2: Keynote and Sessions


The first official day of the National Users Conference has come to a close. The day began with a fabulous Keynote, General Program and Product Showcase. Keynote speakers this year included Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, Surgeon General of the United States, and Farzad Mostashari, MD, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Following this was the opening of the exhibit hall as well as the training and support center. Attendees also experienced various hands-on training courses, eClinicalWorks Theaters, and Breakout Sessions.

During her Keynote, Dr. Benjamin spoke on the national prevention strategy geared towards helping America become healthy. She noted specific tools she has previously implemented to make exercising both fun and enjoyable, including 60-second dance breaks. She discussed the role of electronic health records in helping deliver preventative care and incorporating health into our everyday lives. The 18th Surgeon General wanted everyone in healthcare to know that they really are making a difference and to continue with their hard work.

Farzad Mostashari, MD, ScM serves as the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and began his Keynote address by asking the fundamental question in healthcare: Are the best days of American healthcare behind us or in front of us? He noted that the best days of medicine are indeed ahead of us because healthcare is rapidly changing for the better. Technology is one of the drivers to helping us deliver care differently. Dr. Mostashari concluded his speech by congratulating the healthcare industry for in the past two years we’ve taken the industry to where it has never been before.

Coastal Medical, founded in Providence, R.I, was recognized during the Opening Keynote for receiving the 2012 Ambulatory HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence. The award recognized Coastal Medical for their outstanding achievement in the implementation and value from health information technology, specifically EHRs.

The opening Keynote concluded with Girish Kumar Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. He unveiled that more than 70,000 physicians and 410,000 users are current using eClinicalWorks comprehensive EHR system. Girish noted developments that are building bridges for an efficient care delivery system and showcased product innovations that focus on the provider, community and patient. The new solutions that received the biggest buzz included the company’s iPad app eClinicalTouch, eClinicalWorks Scribe, eClinicalWorks Nimbus and eClinicalWorks CCMR.

Girish concluded the Keynote stating that each and every attendee is part of a larger eClinicalWorks community, the Users Conference attendees fuel our innovation and proper our development year after year.

As the day progressed, multiple education sessions and events were offered for attendees, including those for the customer appreciation program, users forum, community health centers and enterprise organizations.

Tomorrow, we will hold sessions related to eClinicalTouch, Patient-Centered Medical Homes, interoperability, care coordination, EMR tips and tricks, and revenue cycle management. Should be an exciting day!


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