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  • 14 September 2020
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Thank You to Our Healthcare Environmental Professionals



Healthcare environmental professionals work tirelessly each day to make sure that healthcare facilities continue to be a haven of cleanliness for everyone involved. When health is on everyone’s mind, the healthcare environmental professionals are there to help and provide the expertise that promotes positive patient outcomes year-round and reduce the rate of infections and contagious disease at healthcare facilities.

Contaminated surfaces can increase the rate of certain pathogens that cause healthcare associated infections. Several studies have shown that proper instruction in reducing surface contamination can reduce the transmission of hospital pathogens. For example, a four-year Brazilian study showed that once proper healthcare sanitation protocols were put in place, the frequency of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE) contamination of equipment and surfaces dropped from 23% to 8.2% and an associated reduction in VRE prevalence from 7.7 to 1.9 cases per 1,000 patient-days.

This just goes to show how significant a difference cleanliness can make.

National Healthcare Environmental Services Week honors all of those whose knowledge, skill, and dedication keep all of us healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these employees have been working nonstop to ensure that anyone entering the office can not only feel safe but be sure that the environment they are entering is as clean as it possibly can be.

eClinicalWorks® would like to thank each one of the healthcare environmental professionals out there who do their part in improving medicine for all!


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