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Come build and grow your own network. Connect with doctors in your local community and throughout the country with open peer-to-peer communication which provides secure messaging and sharing of patient records.

I’ve been part of the P2POpen network for over a year now. In this short period of time, I’ve built up our Orlando Community network to include more than 50 physicians of various specialties. Most of these providers are on our eClinicalWorks Electronic Health Records solution, but we do have some non-eCW providers, too, including docs without an EHR. Our P2POpen network of physicians has been growing steadily, so consequently, all of our member’s P2POpen address books keep getting bigger and bigger.

P2POpen provides an easy to use patient information sharing system which allows independent and separate physician practices to maintain and share accurate, reliable, and consistent patient data.

When I send complex patients to local specialists on our P2POpen network, I can transmit the patient’s pertinent medical record information directly to the specialist to review and they can either import the data directly into their EHR patient file or copy selected information into the record for their consultation. Now, when specialists see my patients for an initial consultation, it takes them just 30-60 seconds maximum to “import” all the patient’s Current Medications, Medical & Surgical & Hospitalization History, and Active Problem List directly into the patient chart from the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) data which P2POpen transmits securely between providers on the network. Also, when I send these “Referrals” to specialists or updated “Records,” I can easily attach any helpful lab or radiology reports or any other documents they might find helpful.

Using P2POpen is quick and easy since it is integrated with our eCW EHR and only takes seconds to transmit information. It also allows me to help keep our consultants up-to-date with patient information, so I am more confident in the accuracy of information, which hopefully will lead to less confusion and errors. For example, I had a complex patient who was on more than 20 different medications and a very complicated medical history. I sent her to a local Gastroenterologist for an urgent consultation, scheduling her next day appointment and transmitting her pertinent medical records through P2POpen.

Later, the Gastroenterologist told me that receiving the patient information by way of P2POpen  was invaluable because it would have taken them at least 30 minutes to gather this information from the patient and type it into her chart, but thanks to P2POpen, it took only 1 minute to import her CCR data directly into her visit note — an extremely fast and accurate way to fill in her Current Medication List, Medical History, Surgical History, Hospitalization History and Active Problem List.

With P2POpen, I know that specialists are receiving and inputting information about my patients into their records which is 100% accurate. So, it’s not just about sharing the patient history, but making sure doctors have the same information. From my perspective, the P2P (in P2POpen) does not just stand for Peer To Peer, but really means P=P (Peer Equals Peer) since each doctor sees the exact same information — our charts are essentially equal.

Not only does P2POpen save time for our local specialists and improve the accuracy of patient data , but it has also created better follow-up care for the patients. Now, when I transmit a referral by way of P2POpen, the specialists make sure that the patient does indeed follow-up with them within a couple of weeks; if not, they call the patient to help arrange their appointment and consultation so the patient does not forget to see the specialist or the care recommendations. Thanks to P2POpen, our patients have never been so up-to-date with their colon cancer screenings; prior to the existence of P2POpen (and to having most of our local Gastroenterologists in our Orlando P2POpen Community), we never had nearly as good of a follow-through rate with patients we referred for colon cancer screens. The specialists in my network believe the safe and secure transition and sharing of patient consults and information is invaluable to them.

An open, peer-to-peer network is a scalable and a secure way for practices to work together to enhance care. Having a neutral communication platform greatly enhances practice workflow and improves collaborative care.

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