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eClinicalWorks Scribe

eClinicalWorks Scribe® is the perfect tool for providers of every medical specialty, whatever their documentation style and preferred device. With Scribe, providers have the flexibility they need to generate accurate and comprehensive Progress Notes — anytime, anywhere, and in whatever way is best for them.

In conjunction with speech-to-text software, Scribe lets providers complete documentation in the eClinicalWorks EHR on their desktop or by using eClinicalTouch® or eClinicalMobile® — resulting in clinically accurate Notes that save time and let providers focus on healthcare rather than their keyboards.

Faster, More Efficient Workflows

When used with voice-recognition software for dictation, eClinicalWorks Scribe helps physicians save minutes on every patient encounter, without sacrificing accuracy. One Florida practice found providers saved more than an hour a day each, leaving more time to focus on patients and achieve better work/life balance.

Create More Accurate Patient Records

Scribe accurately captures the clinical details of patient narratives and places that information in the relevant section of the patient’s Progress Note. By eliminating error-prone transcribing work and reducing the risks of burnout, Scribe can mean more accurate documentation. And Scribe handles accents with ease.

Use Templates and Order Sets Effectively

Effective documentation requires that providers have access to the full range of clinical tools available to them in their EMR, regardless of the device or modality they prefer. Scribe allows physicians to access the templates and Order Sets they normally use to speed documentation. That means fewer clicks and faster Progress Notes.

Make Clinical Observations in Real Time

The speed, accuracy, and flexibility of Scribe mean providers can make clinical observations in real time in the Progress Note, capturing all relevant details of each patient’s case. And by eliminating costly and time-consuming transcription services, practices can provide patients with complete visit summaries more quickly — improving care and satisfaction.

Customer Success With Scribe

InterMed, Portland, Maine

At Portland, Maine’s InterMed, doctors are using as many features of the eClinicalWorks EHR as possible, including eClinicalWorks Scribe, which uses voice-recognition software to allow physicians to dictate their Notes, thus reducing the amount of time they need to complete documentation and lowering the risk of physician burnout. Scribe has allowed providers to regain some family and personal time, and is helping make their interactions with patients are more meaningful, with more eye contact and dialogue, and less time staring at a computer screen during the patient visit.

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Florida’s Gastro Health

At Florida’s Gastro Health, physicians are using eClinicalWorks Scribe to make documentation faster and easier. The virtual scribe will help the practice save time, making the patient encounter more personal — emphasizing eye contact and dialogue with patients — and giving themselves more time for their personal lives. In both ways, they are improving the experience of medicine, and lowering the risk of physician burnout.

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