Chronic Care Management: Better Care for At-Risk Patient Populations

The eClinicalWorks Chronic Care Management Software

The eClinicalWorks Chronic Care Management (CCM) module helps practices with Medicare’s CCM program, which offers reimbursement for non-face-to-face care provided to patients with multiple chronic conditions.

How the CCM Module Can Help Your Practice and High-Risk Patients

  • Identify your eligible patients and alert the clinician during office visits or non-face-to-face visits
  • Manage enrollments and program activities
  • Promote program awareness and increase patient enrollment
  • Choose from care plan templates for 27 chronic conditions
  • Employ an integrated time tracker
  • Simplify claim submission with batch billing automation

Customer Success With CCM

HealthTexas Medical Group

Find out how eClinicalWorks Chronic Care Management software has helped the practice increase revenue, better care for patients with chronic conditions, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Long Island Select Healthcare

At Long Island Select Healthcare, CCM is very important. 87% of the patient population have a developmental disability, and the average patient is on seven different medications. Find out how the eClinicalWorks CCM module helped the practice thrive.
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