Unlock Healthcare Benefits with healow


  • Increased engagement and communication with patients
  • Improved scheduling and reduced cancellations
  • Ability to approve medical requests in real time
  • Embraced by patients of all ages, including those in their 90s

“healow is like the diamond in the rough, engaging not only with our staff but also with multiple groups, making it one of the best-kept secrets for keeping healthcare practices engaged and more secure in the long run.”
– S. Steve Samudrala, MD, Family Medicine, America’s Family Doctors, PLLC


America’s Family Doctors’ challenge was engaging and communicating with their patients effectively. They sought a solution to maintain a full schedule, especially when dealing with cancellations and no-shows. Also, they aimed to enhance patient engagement and communication, ensuring the longevity and security of their practices.


America’s Family Doctors’ solution to improving patient engagement is healow. This EHR-agnostic healthcare IT platform streamlines communication between care teams and patients and allows patients to self-schedule appointments – all through a simple-to-use mobile app. With healow, practices can keep schedules full, reduce no-shows, and help improve patient care. Physicians can also communicate with patients in real-time, as demonstrated by the example of a patient with cerebral palsy who needed approval for a Disneyland® trip.

About Practice:

  • America’s Family Doctors is a medical practice with multiple locations in Tennessee.
  • Offers various services, including preventative care, acute care, and chronic disease management.
  • Participates in value-based care programs to ensure patients receive high-quality care while keeping costs low.
  • Website: https://afdclinics.com