Screening Out Frustration and Inefficiency

“You (eClinicalWorks) were head and shoulders better than anyone else… In terms of integrated systems… there was just no one else who came close.”
Dr. Joseph H. Willner, M.D., Bergen Neurology Consultants

Practice Info

  • Bergen Neurology Consultants
  • Size: Five physicians
  • Location: Englewood, NJ
  • Specialty: Neurology
  • Active Patients: 40,000+
  • Provides EMG, vertigo testing, carotid ultrasound, and ambulatory EEG services
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In 2008, Bergen Neurology Consultants began searching for a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record Record. Their goals were to improve efficiency and streamline workflows, so as to provide better patient care and to create a pleasant experience for each patient visit.
Additional objectives for the EMR/PM system were to:

  • Increase communication among the physicians
  • Enhance workflow efficiency and provide staff with an improved working environment
  • Achieve accurate electronic claims


Bergen Neurology Consultants selected eClinicalWorks’ comprehensive EMR/PM solution for better patient care.

  • Office efficiency creates a positive patient experience
  • User friendly
  • Patient Portal saves time and paperwork


Clinical and Administrative Improvements:

  • Enhanced office functions and documentation; no more searching for paper charts
  • Streamlined check-in process
  • Improved communication among physicians
  • Improved patient care – providers spend more time with patient
  • 100% clean claims, resulting in increased revenue

About Bergen Neurology Consultants

Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, Bergen Neurology Consultants was formed by five physicians who came together to provide local patients with healthcare comparable to that offered in the surrounding urban areas. Bergen Neurology physicians offer EMG, vertigo testing, carotid ultrasound, and ambulatory EEG services, along with affiliates that provide neuropsychological evaluations and physical therapy.