healow Enables Seamless Interoperability for Foster Children’s Medical Records


  • Chose healow® for interoperability
  • Obtained medical records for patients with limited information and severe mental illness from different hospitals
  • Obtaining records improved the continuity of healthcare service
  • Improved patient care
Bright Futures Pediatrics headhot

“A lot of our population at our clinic is in foster care transitioning around, and that’s important to make sure that medical history gets moved over to us so we can provide a good quality of care.”
– Jessica Dryer, Practice Manager at Bright Futures Pediatrics


Bright Future Pediatrics struggled with incomplete medical histories for foster care patients, hindering their ability to provide quality care. Obtaining information on patients who received care at multiple hospitals was difficult, and caregivers often faced stressful situations when treating sick children who couldn’t communicate their needs. Accessing medical records was also challenging, as parents may not know where their children received care. Improved continuity of care and better access to medical records are needed to address these issues.


Bright Future Pediatrics adopted PRISMA to enable interoperability in healthcare. The solution allowed for the transfer of medical history between clinics to provide quality care, particularly for children in foster care. Improved continuity of care reduces stress for parents by providing easy access to medical records.

About Practice:

  • Bright Future Pediatrics is a pediatric primary care clinic located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • Their mission is to provide compassionate, current, and competent healthcare to children
  • They prioritize the health and well-being of children as well as the trust and confidence of parents and caregivers
  • They are a “Parents’ Choice Provider” and believe in empowering parents and caregivers with knowledge and support
  • They understand that parents and caregivers are the primary architects of a child’s well-being
  • https://www.brightfuturepeds.com