, the Key to Timely and Accurate Documentation


  • eClinicalWorks® integration with reduced documentation time from over 30 days to daily.
  • Streamlined revenue cycle with medical records ready for billing the next day.
  • Enhanced accuracy and completeness of patient records.
  • Improved patient care through uninterrupted physician-patient interaction.
Michael Tackett_Headshot

“I wanted to try Sunoh and see if it would speed up the practice, and it was fantastic. We went from having 30-plus day delays on charts being completed to our charts being completed every day.”
– Michael Tackett, Director of Operations, Brownfield Regional Medical Center


Brownfield Regional Medical Center faced significant challenges with traditional medical documentation methods and causing delays that impacted revenue due to inefficient record-keeping and the risk of lost claims.


Brownfield Regional Medical Center enhanced patient care and revenue efficiency by adopting eClinicalWorks integration with, an AI medical scribe that speeds up documentation completion from 30 days to daily, enhances accuracy, and cuts down on claim rejections.

About Practice:

Located in Brownfield, Texas, Brownfield Regional Medical Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) dedicated to providing exceptional primary care. With a team of three providers, the center is well-equipped to address the diverse health needs of its patients across two strategically situated locations within Brownfield. Each year, the center serves around 19,000 residents, ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all.