Filling in the Pieces With PRISMA

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“This is readily accessible information. We’re talking a click; we’re talking seconds! We don’t have to dig. We don’t have to wait. We’re able to efficiently care for the patient and focus more on them and less on paperwork.”
– Trish Haynes, Carolina Cape Fear Medical Group, P.A., Practice Manager

Practice Info

  • Carolina Cape Fear Medical Group, P.A.
  • Five locations throughout Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Multi-specialty practice specializing in cardiology, internal medicine, and more
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As patients receive care from a multitude of different care facilities, coordinating medical documentation between facilities can often become problematic.


PRISMA, the health information search engine, lets staff quickly and easily retrieve patient data to better coordinate care. Staff used PRISMA to help with chart prep, prevent duplicate labs, and easily find patient information between referring physicians.


Multiple patients have come into the office without any recorded documentation, and with PRISMA, providers were able to find records from as far away as Florida. Staff have also been able to focus more on the patient rather than on paperwork.

About Carolina Cape Fear Medical Group

Carolina Heart and Leg Center is an eight-provider cardiology practice, part of Carolina Cape Fear Medical Group, P.A., which has five locations throughout Fayetteville, North Carolina. Services include cardiac diagnostic testing, cutting-edge technology for arrhythmia, and non-surgical approaches to vascular disease.