Growing Patient Engagement with Portal and Messenger

“Our providers have grown as the Portal has grown. I think it’s been nice that we started when we did, and the providers have grown and adapted it as the functions have changed.”
Marie Sanders, Clinical Services Manager, Carson Medical Group

Practice Info

  • Carson Medical Group
  • Size: 25 board-certified physicians, plus nurses and support staff
  • Location: Carson City and Minden, Nevada
  • Specialty: Multi-specialty practice
  • Active Patients: Thousands of patients throughout Northern Nevada
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Founded in 1974, Carson Medical Group had built itself into a well-established, multi-specialty medical practice serving northern Nevada. With the arrival of Meaningful Use requirements and the shift toward value-based care, the staff recognized the need to adopt additional technologies and updated patient engagement strategies to streamline workflows and further improve the quality of care.


Beginning with its family medicine group, Carson Medical Group began widespread implementation of Patient Portal, Messenger, and healow apps from eClinicalWorks, and steadily spread their use to the entire clinical staff, while encouraging their adoption among patients.


Through consistently demonstrating Patient Portal to patients, and offering incentives for those who used it, Carson Medical Group achieved steady increases in the use of online engagement tools, met Meaningful Use requirements, and increased office efficiency. With the Messenger feature alone, Carson was able to send out more than 200,000 appointment reminders.

About Carson Medical Group

Founded in 1974, Carson Medical Group is a multi-specialty, group practice serving thousands of patients in Northern Nevada. Carson’s 25 board-certified physicians, along with registered nurses and office support staff, cover family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, pain management, and ear, nose and throat medicine.