Neuro2Go: Expertise Is Just a Click Away

First Choice Reception Desk

“If we live in a world where you can have a car delivered tomorrow, we should also be living in a world where if you have a kid that has a seizure, you’re able to get in touch with a neurologist today or tomorrow.”
Dr. Jeffrey Gelblum, First Choice Neurology and Neuro2Go

Practice Info

  • First Choice Neurology
  • 90 providers, including 70 neurologists, and 46 locations
  • Serving more than 1,100 patients daily at clinics and hospitals throughout Central and Southern Florida
  • Specialists in the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders, with research centers, pain management, and centers for physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and nutrition and wellness.
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In a world where patients demand same-day or next-day access to neurological expertise, Florida’s First Choice Neurology recognized the existing system of referrals was simply not working for many patients.


First Choice developed Neuro2Go™, using the healow telehealth platform to offer patients anywhere in the country an easy way to obtain a secure, HIPAA-compliant neurological consultation with the click of a button.


The development of Neuro2Go means greater convenience for patients — from busy millennials to older adults who don’t want to wait for the peace of mind a quick consult can offer. Plus, the system is being a database for better neurological care in the future.

About Neuro2Go

Neuro2Go is a virtual visit with a board-certified adult or pediatric neurologist to discuss a neurological condition. They are one of the nation’s largest and most reputable neurology practices – First Choice Neurology.