Say Goodbye to After-Hours Documentation


  • Achieved 50% time savings on clinical documentation with, AI medical scribe, enhancing work-life balance.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in patient documentation, leading to better record detail and integration.
  • Reduced time spent in after hours documentation.

“ has been really effective in helping me, as a provider, to keep my work at work. It just helps you to capture what’s important. My documentation has improved, time wise, I’d say 50% when it comes to documenting my visits and it’s done on time, as well.”
– Amarachi, Uzosike, DNP, CRNP, Goodtime Family Care


According to Dr. Joseph Osuagwu, documentation is a widespread issue among providers. At Goodtime Family Care, the providers experienced complications with traditional note taking techniques, which were labor-intensive, susceptible to inaccuracies from human mistakes, and frequently interrupted the patient interaction process. On hectic days, capturing the complete HPI and other crucial details was often missed due to a shortage of time.


The adoption of eClinicalWorks integrated with Sunoh, a medical AI scribe, streamlined patient visit documentation by capturing detailed encounters in real time without manual input. This technology records medical observations and patient histories accurately, enriching the patient’s record. Healthcare providers can focus more on interaction than documentation, enhancing patient care. Sunoh helpd to eliminate the need for providers to spend time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and eliminating the need for “pajama time”.

About Practice:

Founded in 1996 as a pediatric clinic, Goodtime Family Care expanded their services to become a family care practice five years ago. Offering a two location, comprehensive primary care service to their patient community in the Baltimore area. Their mission is to foster healthy and happy families. For more information, visit