Independence and Quality in Salt Lake City

“The patients feel that their physician is their physician, is their advocate, and working in their best interests for their healthcare. That intimate relationship between patient and physician is key, and one of the things that sets us apart.”
David C. Tanner, CEO, Granger Medical Clinic

Practice Info

  • Granger Medical Clinic
  • 18 clinic locations and more than 160 providers
  • Serving thousands of patients in the Salt Lake City Valley area of Utah
  • Primary and specialty care
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Since 1954, Granger Medical Clinic has provided high-quality primary and specialized care in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. They needed a healthcare IT partner to help provide outstanding care while protecting their independence and providers’ clinical preferences.


In 2013, Granger Medical Clinic switched to eClinicalWorks because physicians needed a system with greater capabilities, including interoperability and tools for Meaningful Use, Population Health, and Patient Engagement. Physicians and staff were trained to fully web-enable patients.


Four years after implementing eClinicalWorks, Granger Medical Clinic remains an independent, physician-governed healthcare leader, with an ACO quality score of 99.1%, interoperability connections with the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare, and a growing focus on Population Health.

About Granger Medical Clinic

Founded in 1954, Granger Medical Clinic has a long tradition of providing quality primary and specialty care to the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Granger’s independence ensures physicians enjoy autonomy in their clinical practice, while giving them a voice in the organization’s governance — factors that help contribute to an organization that places communication and the needs of patients and physicians at the forefront of medical care.