Transforming Care with RPM Seamless Integration


  • Enhanced clinical decision-making
  • More efficient patient monitoring
  • Minimized risk of transcription errors
  • Better patient education and accountability
  • Early detection of health trends and abnormalities
Kendra Steward-headshot

“We’ve been able to make very concise and quick changes in a patient’s blood pressure, saving the patient – especially in a rural community like ours – from having to come in for an office visit when we can see what their blood pressure is every day and then make the necessary changes.”
– Kendra Steward, Pharmacist at Miller Family Medicine


  • Challenges in managing blood pressure levels in patients
  • Difficulty in remote blood sugar monitoring for diabetic patients
  • Barriers to accessing timely patient data for informed clinical decision-making
  • Ensuring patient adherence to medications and promoting healthy lifestyle changes


  • healow® Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology offers a reliable and efficient way to consistently track patients’ blood pressure, facilitating prompt medication adjustments and better control of hypertension conditions.
  • Innovative RPM systems provide a user-friendly approach to monitoring blood glucose levels remotely, leading to significant improvements in diabetes management and overall health outcomes.
  • RPM solutions deliver real-time access to patient information, empowering healthcare providers to make data-driven clinical decisions swiftly and implement timely interventions for optimal patient care.
  • Leveraging RPM technology enhances patient accountability and supports medication adherence, encouraging patients to adopt positive lifestyle adjustments for improved health and well-being.

About Practice:

  • Located in Patton, Pennsylvania
  • A team of 2 experienced professionals providing Primary, Pediatric, Geriatric, and Preventive Care services
  • Experienced and compassionate team focused on personalized attention
  • Strong patient relationships and community engagement