Building a Team for Chronic Care Management

“eClinicalWorks is really a key cog in making the CCM program work. The whole premise is enhanced communication, and medically and legally we need to have a way to document this communication. It’s all on one platform, so it really makes it much more efficient than if we had to do a paper chart, or use two or three different programs.”
Dr. Mark R. Hoelzle, NOMS family practitioner, Fremont, Ohio

Practice Info

  • Northern Ohio Medical Specialists
  • Size: 120 medical professionals
  • Location: Several counties throughout Northern Ohio
  • Specialty: Primary care and numerous specialties
  • Service Area: Thousands of patients from throughout Ohio
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A rapidly growing regional medical center serving several largely rural counties in Northern Ohio needed more effective outreach to chronically ill patients — to enhance wellness, to quantify the services they were providing, and to help implement new reimbursement models.


NOMS Healthcare implemented Chronic Care Management from eClinicalWorks, building a team of 18 care providers and case managers to assist physicians, and keeping a relentless focus on enrolling patients and providing the highest quality care.


In two years with CCM, NOMS enrolled more than 860 eligible patients. With more effective documentation, fewer hospitalizations, and earlier detection of cancer, they have seen better outcomes for individuals and their families.

About Northern Ohio Medical Specialists

NOMS Healthcare — Northern Ohio Medical Specialists — is a 120-provider group practice with locations in six counties in Northern Ohio, including a main location in Sandusky. With thousands of patients of all ages and from all walks of life, NOMS providers serve a growing population of older patients with multiple chronic conditions, and have successfully implemented Chronic Care Management services with the help of eClinicalWorks.