How AI-Enabled eClinicalWorks Scribe Helps Control Costs


Open Door calculates that rather than each provider having to see two additional patients each day to cover the costs of a human scribe, they can see just two additional patients per month to cover the costs of eClinicalWorks Scribe® — for an estimated savings of $44,000 per clinician per year.

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“Besides being cost-effective, affordable, accurate, easy to use, eCW Scribe allows us to finish our Notes on time by the end of the day and lock them. eCW Scribe has been a fantastic product for us.”
-Dr. Daren Wu, Chief Medical Officer, Open Door Family Medical Center


As the COVID-19 pandemic eased, Open Door Family Medical Center faced a choice: Pay ever-increasing costs to bring back human scribes to their clinics or switch to an AI-enabled solution that could expand scribing support to their clinicians in a more cost-effective way without compromising accuracy and ease of use.


Open Door looked at several AI-enabled scribing services and found that eClinicalWorks offered a solution that met their needs. With eClinicalWorks Scribe, providers can use their iPhone or Android smartphone and complete documentation quickly and accurately. There’s no need to correct spelling errors or laboriously review the finished Progress Notes.

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