Data-Driven Decisions with healow Insights


  • Leverage healow insights® by optimizing patient care by ensuring the proper medication is administered at the appropriate time in accurate doses
  • Streamlined approach
  • Enhanced treatment outcomes
  • Significant cost savings for the medical group
  • Integrated within provider EMR workflows
  • Reducing burden of managing disparate websites to close care gaps
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“healow insights offers the tools we need to get real-time data from hospitals, emergency rooms, and other consultants so that we can make the right decisions.”
– Kulmeet Kundlas, M.D., Shield Medical Group


Shield Medical Group experienced significant gaps in their practice due to disparate information sources from various patients and practitioners. Previously reliant on paper and fax-based processes, they recognized the need to transition to a digital solution for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.


Utilizing healow insights, Shield Medical Group obtained precise gap information regarding patient needs, enabling them to adjust and integrate those requirements into their workflow. This approach facilitated the fulfillment of patient needs, closure of care gaps, and efficient communication of information back to payers.

About Shield Medical Group

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