Seamless Communication with Patients through healow


  • healow® has facilitated significant growth, expanding Skin Solutions Dermatology from two to eleven locations.
  • Prioritizing patient engagement, healow enables online communication, bill payment, and appointment self-scheduling.
  • Self-scheduling has improved booking time, reduced phone call volume, and increased patient satisfaction.
  • Customization and flexibility in healow have streamlined workflow and reduced paperwork.
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“Patients can find a time that works for them as soon as possible, and it fits into their schedule, meaning there are fewer cancellations, reschedules, and no-shows. Patients can be seen when they want to be seen, and that’s what we love about healow self-scheduling”
– Benjamin Jelsma, CMPE, Esq., Chief Operations Officer at Skin Solutions Dermatology


Skin Solutions Dermatology faced the problem of managing patient appointments and improving the efficiency of their front office.


By implementing healow, patients can easily self-schedule appointments and send requests, saving time and reducing phone calls. This has led to increased patient volume and improved time management for the staff. Online self-scheduling has also improved patient engagement by allowing remote check-in and payment. The customization and flexibility of healow have helped fill provider schedules and reduce cancellations.

About Practice:

  • Skin Solutions Dermatology places a strong emphasis on providing excellent care and service to its patients
  • Was founded in 2001 by Julie Pena, MD, in Franklin, TN
  • 11 Locations throughout Tennessee
  • Offering Dermatology, Skin Cancer Surgery, and Med Spa solutions
  • Website: