Boosting Wellness Visits & Incentive Revenue in Healthcare


Sun Life Health has significantly improved service delivery and revenue growth after integrating healow® Insights®. This comprehensive tool helped Sun Life increase annual wellness visits from around 700 to over 4,000 and boost revenue from $400,000 to a whopping $2.14 million in just two years. healow Insights also facilitated better payer-provider engagement, helping Sun Life aim for higher Star Ratings.


“Having healow Insights allows health plans to pull the screen data and get the information they need to perform their audits without giving them a login to our system. That is a major benefit because it takes the work off our IT team trying to make sure that they’re only accessing what they need to.”
– Trey Davis, Director of IT, Sun Life Health


Sun Life Health was facing challenges in improving its care gap numbers and cancer screenings for its diverse patient population. They were also struggling with streamlining the IT operations and efficiently planning for patients’ upcoming visits.


The introduction of healow Insights gave them a snapshot of patient needs and existing care gaps, enabling the healthcare provider to proactively address them and effectively plan their upcoming patient visits. Additionally, it helped streamline their IT operations, boost the annual wellness visits, and significantly increase their revenue.

About Practice:

  • For more than 45 years, Sun Life Health has been providing health and wellness education and resources to the community and playing an active role in improving the overall economic development of central Arizona.
  • A non-profit Community Health Center, Sun Life Health, serves over 48,000 patients, 30 percent of whom are children.
  • Sun Life Health is one of Pinal County’s largest providers of primary health care services.
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